The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 456

Chapter 456 It's Green It's Green 2

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Nian Xiaomu: “!!”

He was always teasing her! It was impossible to have a proper conversation with him!

When Nian Xiaomu’s eyes met his serious gaze, she turned red in the face uncontrollably and stood up suddenly.

“I, I need to go to the bathroom. Don’t you follow me!”

As she spoke, she turned and darted off.

When she rushed into the bathroom, she closed the door of the cubicle and leaned against it to catch her breath.



Nian Xiaomu covered her face with her hands, suppressing a shriek at the thought of his words.


Too flirtatious!

Why would anyone confess his love this way

He even used his grandma’s name!

However, this was how irresistible the black-bellied Yu Yuehan was.

If she hadn’t escaped in time, she might have lost control of herself and kissed him on the spot

After a long while, Nian Xiaomu finally managed to calm herself down and stepped out of the stall.

When she walked over to the sinks, she saw that Wen Yadai was touching up her makeup.

Wen Yadai’s eyes were swollen like walnuts, and it was apparent that she had cried until the makeup on her face was ruined.

At the moment, she was in a very sorry state.

When Nian Xiaomu walked out, Wen Yadai seemed to sense someone behind her and turned around to look.

Seeing that it was Nian Xiaomu, her eyes were instantly filled with hatred!

She slammed her powder case shut and glared at Nian Xiaomu!

Nian Xiaomu glanced over at her nonchalantly and stepped past her to use another sink to wash her hands.

Once she took a step, Wen Yadai quickly changed her position to stop her.

No matter which sink Nian Xiaomu walked over to, Wen Yadai would intentionally block her from washing her hands.

“Move away!” Nian Xiaomu coolly said, not wanting to waste her time with Wen Yadai.

“This is a public bathroom. I can go wherever I please. What right do you have to order me around?” Wen Yadai was obviously doing this on purpose. Sensing that Nian Xiaomu was annoyed, she felt less frustrated by the humiliation she had suffered from An Li earlier.

If it had not been because of Nian Xiaomu, how would she have ended up in this sad state?

Even a good-for-nothing rich man could insult her as he pleased.

There was the brooch too

Sl*t! She dared to trick her!

When Wen Yadai thought about all of this, she went all out to stop Nian Xiaomu from washing her hands.


Losing her patience from Wen Yadai’s unreasonable tantrum, Nian Xiaomu walked over to the last sink and turned the tap to the fullest when Wen Yadai stomped over.


Water shot out from the tap and splattered all over the sink.

As Nian Xiaomu had already stepped to one side, the water splashed onto Wen Yadai and all over her face!

Her freshly applied makeup was now smudged again.

Her bangs were wet too, and her hair was even dripping with water

The sinister look on her face became even more vile and extremely pathetic!

Shocked to the core, Wen Yadai snapped back to her senses and hollered, “B*tch! You dare to splash water at me!”

With a raging fire in her eyes, Wen Yadai felt the past and present hatred boil within her as she raised her hand at Nian Xiaomu’s face!

The very next second, her wrist was locked by Nian Xiaomu.

Stunned, she tried to strike down at Nian Xiaomu, but Nian Xiaomu twisted her hand backward and slapped Wen Yadai with her own hand!


The loud slap made Wen Yadai stumble a few steps back.

Covering her face, she glared at Nian Xiaomu in shock.

“You dare to hit me? I’ll kill you today!”

Letting out a loud shriek, she pounced onto Nian Xiaomu hysterically!