The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 460

Chapter 460 You As Queen A Life Of Guardianship 2

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She looked like a baby fox with that proud little face of hers.

She had the gift of gab!

The expression in Yu Yuehan’s eyes became very loving. As he ran his long fingers through her hair, he pressed her in a tighter embrace and kissed her earlobes with his thin lips.

He whispered seductively at a volume that only she could hear, “Girlfriend, I am afraid of the cold. Shall we sleep together tonight?”

Nian Xiaomu: “!!”

What a hooligan!

In the end, Nian Xiaomu still did not manage to escape her fate of being bullied by Yu Yuehan as he pressed her against the sink and sealed the deal.

Jealous men were the scariest.

Even though she wasn’t eaten and wiped clean, her tiny face was already flushed red by the time she returned to the auction venue.

Her quick-witted eyes were teary while her cherry-like lips were red and swollen

A hidden bitterness seeped through the gaze she directed toward Yu Yuehan; it was a gaze which obviously indicated that she had been bullied, but wasn’t able to retaliate.

She stepped on his feet with her high heels when he wasn’t paying attention.

She felt tremendously gratified when she heard his quiet groan!

Holding her skirt, she ran back to her seat gleefully.

Just as she sat down, she realized that there was someone sitting in the originally empty seat beside her.

As she turned to take a look, not a single hint of astonishment appeared on Fan Yu’s handsome face.

It was as if he had already known that the two of their seats were next to each other.

When he met her startled gaze, the corner of his mouth curved up as he greeted her by revealing an unhurried smile.

However, his eyes narrowed slightly when he scanned his gaze past her lips.

A hint of jealously flashed through his eyes, but he quickly hid this.

Nian Xiaomu’s nerves tightened when she saw his smile!

She shifted her gaze away and looked at Yu Yuehan. Indeed, the face of a particular someone that previously had a gleeful look because he had managed to take advantage of her had now darkened again!

Just when he was about to ask Nian Xiaomu to switch seats with him, the host announced that the last item to be auctioned tonight would soon be showcased.

The expression in Yu Yuehan’s eyes changed slightly.

He did not speak again and sat down directly in his own seat.

His attitude, which had instantly turned serious, surprised Nian Xiaomu a little bit.

What was it that made him so anxious?

Furthermore, she had been away for quite a long period of time and had yet to remove the diamond necklace on her neck for the auctionhow was it that they were already auctioning the last item?

Could it be that

Nian Xiaomu thought of something and lifted her head up instantly to look at Yu Yuehan.

He had lied to her again!

“You look really good with this necklace, so I suddenly couldn’t bear to let it go and had the auction item changed.” Yu Yuehan pinched her tiny face lovingly when he met her gaze.

Nian Xiaomu: “”

She felt that she was being flirted with yet again.

Very soon, the auction arrived at its last segment.

Everyone present quieted down when the staff members brought the last item and walked up to the auction stage.

The current solemn atmosphere created a tremendous contrast with the bustling ambience from before.

Curious of what the last item to be auctioned was, Nian Xiaomu couldn’t help it and stole a few more glances at the auction stage.

“The last item to be auctioned is a ring.” Fan Yu’s gentle voice rang beside her ears gradually.

He passed a copy of the auction booklet to her when he saw her startled look.

This was the booklet that had been placed on the seats at the auction; Nian Xiaomu had seen them previously, but had not paid any attention to them.

When she heard what Fan Yu said, she reached out and flipped open the booklet.

An exquisite and luxurious ring was printed on the most conspicuous part of the booklet!

It wasn’t an ordinary ring.

Instead, it was a very ancient-looking gemstone ring.

The totem of the area that held the red gemstone looked very unique and seemed to have the design of a scepter

It looked low-profile and luxurious, yet it had an unspeakable sense of royalty that seeped through it at the same time.

With just a single glance, Nian Xiaomu was totally fixated on the ring in the booklet!