The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 461

Chapter 461 You As Queen A Life Of Guardianship 3

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Without knowing it herself, her fingers reached out and stroked the photograph in the booklet as her fingertips trembled uncontrollably.

From this feeling of familiarity, she seemed to have met an old friend of hers.

However, she did not remember ever seeing this ring before

“This ring is named the Queen’s Ring. It is said to be the treasured possession of a queen from the past, but for some unknown reason, it fell into the hand of the populace and was purchased by merchants. After that, it roamed around the public for many years and changed owners a few times. Until”

Fan Yu paused in his words and took a sideways glance at her.

His expression turned burning hot.

Until his Liuliu saw it and purchased it at a very high price because she felt that the ring suited her well.

She had always worn it on her finger, and it was never separated from her.

The ring only vanished from sight along with her owner on the day that Liuliu disappeared.

This was Liuliu’s ring

Initially, Fan Yu wasn’t interested in an auction like this.

However, he rushed over almost immediately the moment he heard about the appearance of the Queen’s Ring.

He had hoped to get his hands on the ring and find out the whereabouts of the ring’s owner in turn

Even if he couldn’t find her, he wanted to safeguard the possession that she loved and await her return!

“This ring has a very beautiful love story behind it as well,” Fan Yu said when he looked at Nian Xiaomu and saw that she was staring at the ring.

When Nian Xiaomu heard that, she twisted her head around subconsciously and looked at him.

Curiosity was shown in her gaze.

She loved the ring very much.

She loved it very much.

She loved it so much that she felt a little surprised at herself.

It was very rare for her to have this strong of an urge to own something.

Also, there was her desire to know everything about this ringshe wanted to know of it urgently.

“The Queen’s Ring isn’t as overbearing as its name suggestsit was actually a ring that signified love when it first made its way out of the palace. It is said that the ring was a symbolization of a scepter and that it was made by the queen’s lover. Apart from symbolizing the queen’s supreme position, the ring also houses the thoughts of the ring’s creator.”

Fan Yu’s voice was filled with magnetism.

Based on how he had narrated it, it seemed as if one was able to visualize the images from this very, very distant story.

“The Queen’s Ring was named by creator of the ring with the implied meaning of: You As Queen, A Life of Guardianship!”

“” Nian Xiaomu was astonished.

The same voice rang in her mind, again and again.

You As Queen, A Life of Guardianship

You As Queen, A Life of Guardianship

Why did this sentence sound so familiar?

She seemed to have heard it somewhere.

No, she had definitely heard it before!

Just when Fan Yu was about to say something else, Yu Yuehan pressed his hand on Nian Xiaomu’s head and twisted her around to face him.

As he looked at her with a fixated gaze, he spoke in a deepened voice and asked, “Nian Xiaomu, am I dead in your eyes?”

She actually had the guts to chit chat with Fan Yu right in front of him!

“” As Nian Xiaomu met his deep gaze, the sentence that Fan Yu had said just now rang in her ears again.

Had Yu Yuehan brought her to this auction because of this ring as well?

He seemed to care a lot about this ring from the look on his face.

Technically speaking, for this kind of auction event, it would be over after donating the item, so there wasn’t a need to stay until now.

However, Yu Yuehan actually had the patience to stay until the end even though he was someone who did not like to engage in social activities.

Was he waiting for this ring?

You As Queen, A Life of Guardianship Did he know the implied meaning behind this ring as well?

Nian Xiaomu’s heart suddenly beat faster.

Her heartbeat was so quick that it seemed as if her heart would bounce out of her chest at anytime. Pursing her lips nervously, she met his displeased gaze. As if gods and demons were at work, she lifted her head up and gave him a kiss!