The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 462

Chapter 462 You As Queen A Life Of Guardianship 4

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Yu Yuehan’s eyes narrowed at this unexpected kiss!

Then, a light flickered in his dark eyes as he stroked Nian Xiaomu’s lips with his long fingers, and his emotionless face broke into a large grin

He wanted to kiss her back, but Nian Xiaomu had withdrawn back into her seat and covered her face with both hands, too embarrassed to be seen.


She had actually kissed Yu Yuehan in front of so many people!

What a loss of face!

Thankfully, the lighting was mostly focused on the stage in the auction venue, and the area where the audience sat was dimly lit.

The people in the back probably could not see what she had done to Yu Yuehan

Yet, she had forgotten that while the people in the back could not see, Fan Yu, who was seated next to her, could see it very clearly!

His handsome face turned despondent as his dark brown eyes lit up with a dangerous streak of light.

At first, he had intended to use the ring to test Nian Xiaomu.

However, he had not expected Nian Xiaomu to kiss Yu Yuehan after listening to the story of the Queen’s Ring!

Seeing her flushed cheeks and audacious eyes

She had fallen in love.

The person she had fallen in love with was not him but Yu Yuehan!

Fan Yu’s face turned even paler.

“Now, we will reveal the final item for tonight” The host’s voice captured everyone’s attention and brought their focus back to the stage.

As the black cloth covering the glass box was removed slowly, the exquisite red ruby of the Queen’s Ring instantly caught the attention of the entire audience.

A loud gasp rang in the venue.

When the host announced a starting price of 10 million, someone immediately raised his bidding paddle and shouted, “11 million!”

“12 million!”

“13 million!”


After a brief 30 seconds, the auction price had already doubled.

“50 million yuan.” A nonchalant voice rang out slowly.

It was Yu Yuehan. Although his voice was not loud, it had the effect of a large rock crashing into the waters of a calm lake and setting off a series of waves!

The people in the auction venue gasped out loud again, but very quickly sank into dead silence.

Although the ring was indeed beautiful, 50 million yuan was probably the highest price worth paying.

It was obvious that Yu Yuehan had set his mind on winning the item from the kind of bid he had called out.

At this point, anyone who raised the price would be challenging Yu Yuehan

At the thought of this, many people backed down and put down their paddles.

Not only could they not afford to offend Yu Yuehan, no one was at the same level as him, so they could not challenge him.

“50 million, going once.”

“50 million, going twice.”

When the host raised the tiny hammer, certain that no one else would outbid Yu Yuehan, the silent Fan Yu suddenly raised his bidding paddle.

“55 million yuan.”


Everyone in the venue let out a resounding gasp of shock.

The auction tonight was indeed exciting and dramatic.

Anyone with a weak heart might not be able to handle it!

In contrast to the stunned expressions on everyone else’s faces, Yu Yuehan appeared to have expected Fan Yu to fight with him over the ring.

Hearing his bid, Yu Yuehan raised his eyebrows slightly and called out, “60 million yuan.”

“70 million yuan.”

“80 million yuan.”

“90 million yuan.”


Nian Xiaomu swallowed hard as she sat trapped between two men shouting out numbers next to her ears.

No matter how much she liked the ring, with this amount of money, she could buy enough rings to fill an entire house

Nian Xiaomu tugged on Yu Yuehan’s sleeve and pleaded, “You’re losing money!”

As Yu Yuehan turned and lowered his head to look at her, he planted a kiss on her forehead dotingly.

Then, while Nian Xiaomu remained in shock, he raised his bidding paddle and called out, “100 million.”