The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 465

Chapter 465 A Green Eyed Monster's Push And Pull Tactics 3

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He wasn’t usually so petty.

He would be better after some hugs and kisses if he was angry.

However, he really ignored her today.

Could it be that he was still jealous over the incident where she helped Fan Yu bandage his wound?

But she had already explained it

As Nian Xiaomu went through these doubts in her heart, she decided to simply turn around and stare fixedly at him. After that, she realized that his eyes were really shut the whole time.

He was really good-looking.

The outline of his facial features was perfect.

Every edge and corner of his face was just right.

He looked exceptionally seductive when he pursed his thin lips lightly just like a piece of art that had been meticulously carved by a sculptor.

Nian Xiaomu felt her mind run wild as she stared on.

Pouting her lips, she gave him a sneaky kiss on the face.

Seeing that he seemed to have really fallen asleep and did not actually open his eyes, she set her mind at ease and leaned toward him. After that, she planted a sly kiss confidently on his lips.

She even poked his good-looking face with her fingers and muttered softly, “Green-eyed monster, you will have no girlfriend if you continue to ignore her”

Before she could finish her sentence, the person in front of her suddenly opened his eyes.

A dark ray of light lingered in his bright and clear eyes.

He didn’t even look like he had just woken up from sleeping?

“AHH!” Nian Xiaomu was so shocked that she wanted to retract her hands, but he had already caught her fingers.

With a flip of his huge build, Yu Yuehan captured and pressed her into his embrace with ease.

He said with a demonic smile, “Nian Xiaomu, you must take responsibility for the fire that you have started.”

Nian Xiaomu: “!!”

Wen Family villa.


President Wen ruthlessly slapped Wen Yadai’s face.

This strike instantly made her lose her balance, and she fell down beside the coffee table.

“Dumb*ss! I have nurtured you for so many years, but you couldn’t even fight a mere nurse. You are even so stupid that you spent 20 million yuan to purchase a worthless brooch! Why do I have such a dumb daughter like you?”

President Wen flew into a towering rage the moment he thought about his 20 million yuan. He lifted his hand up and was about to give her another slap.

Wen Yadai had already knelt down hurriedly.

“Dad, I did all this for the Wen Family. You didn’t see the situation yesterday. Nian Xiaomu was humiliating me on purpose. If I admitted defeat just like that, wouldn’t I be giving her a chance to embarrass the Wen Family?” Wen Yadai’s tears flowed uncontrollably as she said this.

From her kneeling position, she crawled to President Wen and grabbed ahold of his trouser leg.

“Dad, I truly know my mistakes”

President Wen felt somewhat sorry for her. After all, she was the daughter whom he had raised with much care.

The expression on his face finally eased up a little when he heard her admit her mistakes in such a pitiful manner.

Just when he was about to allow her to stand up, Zhang Mingyan, who was standing beside him, suddenly added on nonchalantly, “Eh, I heard that Miss Wen was quite extravagant yesterday. You didn’t even bat an eye when you were increasing the bidding price and said that you must defeat Nian Xiaomu no matter what. Did you ever think that Nian Xiaomu was spending Young Master Han’s money? How would you defeat her then? Yet now, you’re saying that you did everything for the Wen Family thosewho believe you must be stupid!”

The tension on President Wen’s face had just eased, but returned to its dark look instantly when he heard what she said.

He kicked Wen Yadai’s hand away.

“Dad, don’t listen to her nonsense” Wen Yadai tried to explain anxiously. However, Zhang Mingyan would never give her the chance to do so.

Zhang Minyan spoke up before Wen Yadai could explain.

“Speaking of which, you are a disappointment as well. If you could have held onto Young Master Han’s heart, why would the An Family be supplanting the Wen Family? Furthermore, we have even been turned into a laughingstock now. People say that the Wen Family does not have the ability to collaborate with the Yu Corporation and that we were only puffing ourselves up at our own expense to have had the guts to fight with the Yu Corporation over an auction item”

Before Zhang Mingyan could finish her piece, the chubby cheeks on President Wen’s face were already twitching from all the anger.