The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 466

Chapter 466 A Green Eyed Monster's Push And Pull Tactics 4

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How could someone who had always cared a lot about their reputation accept that they had turned into a topic for discussion for gossip?

Furthermore, the discussion was over such an embarrassing incident.

He glared at Wen Yadai and bellowed, “Kneel down and reflect over this! You are not allowed to get up without my permission!”

Wen Yadai’s face had turned red and swollen; her hair was dishevelled.

Moreover, she was kneeling in the living room of the villa.

Even though the servants who walked past could see what was happening, no one was willing to plea for leniency on her behalf.

It was a known fact that Wen Yadai was usually arrogant and self-important.

Every day, she ate the best food and wore the finest clothes in the Wen Family; if there was anything that she was unsatisfied about, she would not hesitate to hurl all sorts of abuse.

While she treated herself as a high and mighty princess, the lives of others were simply cheap and worthless to her.

Every dog has its dayit was now time for her to get a taste of what it was like to be humiliated!

Everyone in the Wen Family villa was clapping silently in their hearts when they saw how pathetic Wen Yadai was now!

“Cool down. Don’t let your anger affect your health.”

Zhang Mingyan walked to President Wen and massaged his shoulders.

She chose the right moment and added on, “The An Family has replied. They said that Young Master An complained that our Eldest Miss changes her mind frequently, that she made him a cuckold right in front of everyone on the very first day that they met, and that he would never agree to the arranged marriage no matter what.”

When Zhang Mingyan finished her piece, President Wen’s nose was about to bend from all his anger.

He was trembling all over.

Reaching out, he pointed at Wen Yadai and said, “It’s fine if you didn’t have the ability to make Young Master Han fall in love with you, but you actually did such an embarrassing thing and gave the An Family a chance to ridicule us!”

“I did not! It was that scumbag An Li He wanted to take advantage of me the moment he saw me!” Wen Yadai covered her face and spoke in a tearful voice.

Just when she was about to tell President Wen about her grievances, Zhang Mingyan suddenly laughed grimly.

“So what if Young Master An took advantage of you? Both of you were already a couple, and you would have married him in the end if the blind date went well. Young Master An, the poor thing, was treated like a hooligan when he simply wanted to hold your hand. Instead, he had to watch helplessly as his fiance tried to seduce other men. How could he not get angry?”

Wen Yadai panicked instantly when she heard these instigating words.

She crawled to President Wen again and pleaded, “Dad, An Li is a good-for-nothing, and the An Family only managed to get ahead us because of their collaborations with the Yu Corporation. Give me one more chance! I was childhood playmates with Young Master Han and grew up with him. He is only in a fit of anger at the moment and will not ignore me for real”

“My Eldest Miss, why are you daydreaming?” Zhang Mingyan interrupted her and walked to the front.

“Don’t you know that the Yu Family villa is already in the middle of preparing an engagement party? Furthermore, Matriarch Yu was the one who personally instructed it.”

“What did you say?”

Before President Wen could say anything else, Wen Yadai was already so agitated that she stood up from the ground.

She pointed at Zhang Mingyan and stared at her with bulging eyes.

“That wouldn’t happen! You are lying to me, right? How could Nian Xiaomu match up to Young Master Han with that status of hers!”

Zhang Mingyan did not look at her and glanced at President Wen instead. With a face full of worry, she said, “Hubby, look at what she is like now. She has offended others again and again and will surely cause us a lot of trouble if she continues to stay in the Wen Family!”

President Wen’s face grew solemn when he heard this.

He stood up with a whoosh and instructed the butler, “Make the necessary arrangements and send Miss abroad in two days. If there are no major matters, don’t return!”

Beep, beep!!

Nian Xiaomu was in a deep sleep when she was suddenly woken up by a ringing cell phone.

Reaching out, she grabbed her cell phone groggily and picked it up.

An extremely sinister voice sounded from the other end of the call and asked, “Nian Xiaomu, don’t you want to know why Young Master Han is so fond of you?”