The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Became her backing

When Nian Xiaomu finished speaking, the onlookers drew in a huge breath; the way they looked at Cheng Xiulu changed.

If the diamond hair clip in her hand was proven to be a fake, not only would the suspicions of Nian Xiaomu as a thief be washed awaythis would also indirectly show that the Madam of the prestigious Yu Family did not have the ability to distinguish the authenticity of a diamond and even argued noisily about how priceless the fake product was...

This was far more embarrassing than slapping her in front of everyone!

"What rubbish are you talking about, slut? How could my diamond hair clip be a fake? You are evidently trying to get away from your crime by creating a deliberate misrepresentation!" Cheng Xiulu screamed in anger. Glancing over at the taunting stares of the onlookers, her face turned green, then turned bright red.

How could Nian Xiaomu, who was merely a nurse, be able to judge that the diamond on the hair clip was fake?

Yes! She must have cooked up these wild excuses in a bid to wash away her offenses!

"You would know if I am blabbering nonsense or speaking the truth after the diamond hair clip that Madam is holding is sent to a professional institution for inspection. Everything would be clear by then," Nian Xiaomu took a step backward and repeated the same things that Cheng Xiulu had mentioned when she tried to frame her for theft. Nian Xiaomu glanced at Cheng Xiulu, who looked like she couldn't wait to tear Nian Xiaomu apart.

"Actually, it doesn't have to be so complicated. Only a few simple tests are required to prove that the diamond on the hair clip is fake."

Nian Xiaomu continuously explained a few suggestions.

In detail, she taught Cheng Xiulu methods ranging from using the naked eye to using simple tools for the inspection.

The easier she made it sound, the uglier Cheng Xiulu's face became.

She actually had not realized that the diamond was fake when it could be distinguished so easily. Furthermore, it was actually a nurse who pointed it out in front of so many people...

Yu Huiwei was an illegitimate son.

Since he had just returned to the Yu Family not too long ago, it wasn't surprising to know that Cheng Xiulu had also not seen much of life.

She only followed the crowd blindly and made the purchase since she heard that diamonds are valuable and that the daughters and wives of famous families loved diamond accessories.

She certainly had not expected to buy a fake one, let alone use a fake diamond hair clip to frame Nian Xiaomu.

She went out for wool and came back shorn.

How could she continue to have a place in high society if it came out that the Madam of the Yu Family did not know how to distinguish the authenticity of a diamond?

Cheng Xiulu's face turned ghastly pale in a split second!

She held onto the diamond hair clip in her hand tightly.

As of now, it was no longer important to chase Nian Xiaomu out of the Yu Family villa; what was most urgent now was to save her own face.

"Don't think that you are right just because of those extravagant embellishments. If you are really so knowledgeable, why are a nurse instead of a gemologist?" Cheng Xiulu shouted sharply, knowing that she was on the losing end of the stick. After which, she raised her head under the pretense of being magnanimous.

"However, there are so many people walking about in the Yu Family villa everyday. Even though the hair clip was found in your room, you might not be the one who stole it. Since I am so magnanimous, I will not fuss over this matter with you today, but there is no next time!"

Cheng Xiulu turned and looked at Yu Yuehan.

"Yuehan, since the diamond hair clip was found, Young Aunt is also not someone who is overbearing..."

"Since Young Aunt had mentioned that so many incidents have happened in the Yu Family villa because there was no one present to set the rules, I will not handle today's incident sloppily!" Yu Yuehan spoke with an ice-cold and deep voice.

After he spoke, he walked over to the sofa and sat down.

With his long, slender legs crossed lazily over each other, he raised his eyebrows and looked at the butler.

"Why are you still frozen there? Send Madam's hair clip for inspection!"