The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 472

Chapter 472 Yu Yuehan Who Did You Buy This Ring For? 2

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She had thought Yu Yuehan’s heart was devoted to her, but this was only because that girl had left

What about all the times he was good to her?

Was it only because she was a replacement girlfriend?

Nian Xiaomu tightened her grip on the drawing in her hand, but relaxed it when she thought of something.

Staring at the young girl in the drawing, she could see some resemblance between the two of them even from just a few strokes of a sketch. However, it was only a side profile, so she could not be sure.

It was only the ring on her finger that was striking and easy to identify because the design of the scepter was too exquisite.

He had taken her to the auction and purchased this ring.

She had thought that it was all prepared for her.

Yet now, with this drawing and what he had said about finding Xiao Liuliu’s mother at any cost, she felt that her conviction had become a joke.

Very quickly, she heard the sound of footsteps outside the room.

Nian Xiaomu snapped back to her senses and suddenly lost the courage to confront Yu Yuehan.

She hurriedly shoved the drawing back into the drawer and closed it.

When she lifted her head, she saw Yu Yuehan walk into the room.

“What happened? Why do you look so pale?” Yu Yuehan tossed his cell phone onto the table, walked around the desk, and carried Nian Xiaomu from the chair.

At his doting words and concerned expression, Nian Xiaomu immediately felt a mishmash of emotions surge within her.

Would such a good man like Yu Yuehan truly like her?

She thought through it and realized that she had not actually heard him make their relationship official before.

He hadn’t said that he liked her.

“Yu Yuehan, why do you like me?” Nestled in Yu Yuehan’s arms, Nian Xiaomu looked up at him like a child with low self-confidence who needed the affirmation of others.

Hearing this, Yu Yuehan chuckled.

To him, it seemed like she was being her usual narcissistic self, so he tapped the tip of her nose with his long finger and joked, “Who told you that I like you?”


Undeterred even though her heart ached at his words, she asked, “If you don’t like me, why are you with me even though so many other people like you?”

“Can I ask for a refund?” Yu Yuehan raised his eyebrow as he answered seriously.

Annoyed by his reply, Nian Xiaomu hammered his chest and exclaimed, “You wish! If you dare to dump me after using me, I’ll make sure to tear you into pieces and toss you into a mass grave!”

“See, that settles it,” Yu Yuehan replied nonchalantly.

The way he handled her questions sounded more like he was forcing himself to be with her so that he wouldn’t appear to be a heartbreaker.

Nian Xiaomu felt choked up with emotions and could not say a word.

She felt even more aggrieved. Leaning against his chest, she opened her mouth and bit him.

Although she had done it to vent her anger, her eyes suddenly turned red.

Thinking of the sketch in the drawer that had already yellowed, he must have kept it for many years.

Did he take it out and look at it whenever he missed Xiao Liuliu’s mother?

He still had not forgotten her and was willing to find Xiao Liuliu’s mother at any cost.

Did he ever consider what would happen to Nian Xiaomu if he did find Xiao Liuliu’s mother?

Would she have to leave on her own accord?

If so, then this meant that they did not have much time left together

At the thought of this, Nian Xiaomu hugged Yu Yuehan’s arm tightly.

Sensing her insecurity, Yu Yuehan felt slightly taken aback, lowered his eyes to look at her, and asked, “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

He had merely stepped out to pick up a phone call. What was she afraid of?

Cupping her chin with his hand, Yu Yuehan forced Nian Xiaomu to look up.

When he saw that her eyes had turned red, he wanted to ask her what was wrong, but she suddenly leaned forward and kissed him on the lips!