The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 473

Chapter 473 Yu Yuehan Who Did You Buy The Ring For? 3

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Yu Yuehan was taken aback for a few seconds by this voluntary move of hers.

Just when he wanted to clarify what was wrong with her, the tip of Nian Xiaomu’s tongue brushed past his thin lips.

Yu Yuehan’s body tightened instantly from her choppy actions!

Damn it!

She actually seduced him

She even pursed her moist and lustrous lips after she had kissed him.

His rationality was burned to ashes immediately when he saw that pitiful look of hers!

Yu Yuehan carried her to the study desk and deepened the kiss then from the study desk to the bedroom.

When everything had quieted down, Nian Xiaomu was already dazed from exhaustion as she leaned into his embrace and fell asleep in no time.

Yu Yuehan kissed her red flushed cheeks with immense satisfaction as he hugged her.

With his long fingers, he brushed away her perspiration-soaked bangs and planted another kiss on her forehead.

She had fallen asleep, but it wasn’t a smooth sleepher eyebrows were tightly knitted right from the start.

Was she angry that he had gifted her a brooch instead of a ring today?

Little idiot.

After it was procured, the ring had to be sent for maintenance first.

Why would someone not prepare for the marriage proposal and simply give the ring to her randomly?

There wouldn’t be any surprises if she wasn’t disappointed a few times, right?

A loving look encapsulated Yu Yuehan’s eyes as he hugged her.

It was already noon when Nian Xiaomu woke up.

It was so rare that she could rest on a weekday that she had actually spent all her time in bed.

Her heart tightened slightly when she turned over and did not see Yu Yuehan.

She put on her clothes and headed to the study.

She did not see Yu Yuehan in the study. Just when she was about to go downstairs and ask the butler about Yu Yuehan’s whereabouts, the butler was heading upstairs in a hurry.

“Miss Nian, I’ve just received a call from the kindergarten. They said that Little Miss assaulted someone and want her parents to head over immediately. However, Young Master has something going on and has just left for the office!”


Upon hearing that Xiao Liuliu had gotten into a fight, Nian Xiaomu headed back to the bedroom right away without demur to retrieve her coat before coming downstairs.

The butler followed behind Nian Xiaomu and asked respectfully, “Should we inform Young Master now?”

Nian Xiaomu thought about it for a while, shook her head, and replied, “Not for now. Let me head over and take a look first.”

Since Yu Yuehan had mentioned that he would be taking a day off today, but had suddenly headed to the office, he must have some urgent matter to deal with, so there was no need to trouble him.

The chauffeur was already waiting at the entrance.

Nian Xiaomu walked out, pulled open the car door, and sat inside the car directly.

It was already noontime.

It was nearing the time for school to end, so the entrance of the kindergarten was filled with parents who were here to pick up their children.

The car had just approached the street where the kindergarten was located, but it was already hard to maneuver around.

“How much longer before we arrive?” Nian Xiaomu checked the time and knitted her eyebrows.

It had been more than half an hour since the teacher made the call to the Yu Family villa.

Even though the teacher only mentioned that Xiao Liuliu had assaulted someone in the call and did not say that Xiao Liuliu had been assaulted, Nian Xiaomu still felt very worried.

Xiao Liuliu had always been an obedient and smart little girl; she would only behave like a spoiled kid and act cute usually. Why would she assault someone all of a sudden?

“Miss Nian, there’s a traffic jam ahead. Looking at the situation now, we will surely need some time before we can get through this road,” the chauffeur replied helplessly.

Generally, it would not be so crowded over here.

After all, this was a top kindergarten with excellent operating conditions, and everything else about it was good as well.

However, the nearby streets were being repaired over the past few day, so the flow of traffic had shifted over to the road where the kindergarten was.

During this peak period, it did not matter how expensive your car wasyou could only drive at a snail’s pace on this road.

Nian Xiaomu felt even more anxious when she heard what the chauffeur said.

It was only a short distance away, and they would reach the kindergarten just after this bend. However, it just so happened that they were stuck on this road.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Park the car by the side. I’ll get out first!”