The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 479

Chapter 479 The Truth This Is Her Daughter 1

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“On the surface, it looks like a burn from a fire. However, I have read your health checkup reportyou have indeed given birth once. Judging from the healing of your cesarean section, it has been at least two to three years since your delivery. As for why it looks like that, I would guess that you suffered a burn wound on top of your cesarean section scar.”

After the doctor had explained professionally, he continued and reminded her, “From my observations, there should have been burns around your scar as well. At a later time, I think you had a restoration procedure performed to remove them.”

Nian Xiaomu: “!!”

Everything that the doctor had said was like a bolt of lightning that struck Nian Xiaomu’s head.

Her face turned pale in a flash.

She had forgotten about her past and totally could not remember giving birth before.

It had never crossed her mind either that she would have a child

If what the doctor said was true, then where was her child?

Did Tan Bengbeng see her child when she saved her the other time?

Why did Tan Bengbeng not mention this matter to her? She didn’t even tell Nian Xiaomu that the scar on her abdomen wasn’t just from a burn, but was a scar left behind from a cesarean section!

“Are you alright?” the doctor asked when he saw her odd expression.

Nian Xiaomu snapped back to her senses when she heard this.

With a whoosh, she stood up from the chair and walked to the doctor. After she had picked up all of the results from her checkup, she was about to leave when she suddenly thought of something and paused in her steps.

She turned around again and asked, “I’m very sorry, but could you please keep everything that has happened today a secret and not tell anyone about it?”

Nian Xiaomu only left the hospital with the results of her checkup after she saw the doctor nod his head.

She gave Tan Bengbeng a call the moment she got in the car.

She made numerous calls, but Tan Bengbeng’s cell phone remained turned off.

Nian Xiaomu searched Tan Bengbeng’s workplace and apartment before she suddenly remembered that Tan Bengbeng was traveling abroad for advanced studies.

At this moment, when Nian Xiaomu calculated the time that Tan Bengbeng had previously told her, it was highly possible that Tan Bengbeng was on the flight back.

Nian Xiaomu returned to the Yu Family villa dazed.

The moment she thought about having had a child before, her heart felt as if it was strangled by someone.

She very badly wanted to know what exactly was going on.

Tan Bengbeng had mentioned that Nian Xiaomu was on her last breath when Tan Bengbeng had found her.

Was her child still alive at that time?

And where was the child?

According to the recovery of her body, the doctor said that the child should be at least two to three years oldthat would be around Xiao Liuliu’s age.

Nian Xiaomu sank into a state of utter stupefaction the moment she thought about the incident that Xiao Liuliu had encountered in school yesterday.

She was still pondering yesterday about how Xiao Liuliu’s mother could be so heartless as to dump her child behind and leave just like that.

However, Nian Xiaomu had done the exact same thing as well.

If Nian Xiaomu’s child was still alive, would he or she meet with the same incident that Xiao Liuliu had encountered?

Would the child be discriminated against by others just because he or she did not have a mother?

Or be bullied by others?

Nian Xiaomu was on tenterhooks when she thought of this.

When she swept a glance at the living room and spotted Yu Yuehan’s coat, she was rudely stunned and suddenly thought of a question that had been overlooked.

Since she was in a relationship with Yu Yuehan now, would he mind that she had previously had a child?

However, she did not want to hide this fact from him regardless of whether or not he minded.

Even though Xiao Liuliu was the little princess of the Yu Family, she had still been bullied because she didn’t have a mother.

How pitiful would Nian Xiaomu’s child be then?

She needed to find her child if he or she was still alive

“Miss Nian, you have returned?” The butler now regarded Nian Xiaomu as the female owner of the Yu Family villa. When he saw that she had come home, he greeted her respectfully.

Nian Xiaomu’s eyes flickered as she asked, “Where’s Yu Yuehan?”