The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Targeted by him!

"..." Cheng Xiulu's face had become expressionless. Stupefied, she stood rooted to the ground.

She watched the butler approach, take the the diamond hair clip from her hand, then quickly make an exit.

She couldn't figure out how her original plan to humiliate Nian Xiaomu and chase her out of the Yu villa had backfired. In the end, wasn't she the one who had lost all face?

With Yu Yuehan's orders, the appraisal of the diamond hair clip was completed very quickly.

It was just like what Nian Xiaomu had said.

It was not a natural diamond on Cheng Xiulu's hair clip, but a man-made imitation gem. She was even right about about the materials used.

It was indeed an oxidized cubic zirconia, the most similar-looking man-made gem among fake diamonds!

"Master Han, the diamond on the hair clip is fake, and the value is only a few dollars..." the butler respectfully reported as he placed the hair clip, which had been returned after examination, onto the coffee table.

These words had already been said by Nian Xiaomu.

It was just that not many people had believed her at that time and were merely waiting to watch a drama unfold with the results.

With the appraisal report in front of him now, even Yu Yuehan's eyebrows were raised.

A unreadable streak of light flashed across his dark eyes.

He reached out for the hair clip on the coffee table and toyed with it in his hands.

The glitzy and resplendent gem sparkled brilliantly. The design of the hair clip was also very exquisite, allowing it to easily pass off as the real deal.

Even he had to take a closer look and was unable to tell if the diamond was real or fake with only a glance.

How had she done it then?

As a nurse, why would she know so much about diamonds with her kind of background?

Yu Yuehan's dark eyes grew grim.

There were no emotions on his handsome face, but he only took casual glances at Nian Xiaomu, trying to see what he could figure out from her expression.

When her eyes met his, there was not a tinge of guilt on her face.

Instead, she walked forward and said, "Young Master, since I could tell that the diamond on the hair clip was fake and not worth anything, it only makes sense that I had no reason to take such a big risk to steal from the Yu household. Doesn't this mean that I have now been proven innocent?"

Yu Yuehan looked back at her pretty face. Her eyes were sparkling, lively, and filled with an air of mysterious elegance.

This made one unable to prevent wanting to find out more about the secrets behind her background.

Yu Yuehan narrowed his eyes and tossed the hair clip from his hand to the coffee table.

He coldly threw a side glance at Cheng Xiuliu. "Young Aunt, you used a fake to accuse my person of stealing. Don't you think that you owe me an explanation?"

"I, I..." Cheng Xiulu had been repeatedly disgraced, and she was so mortified that she almost fell off the sofa.

However, what hurt now was not only her injured bum, but also her face flushed with shame.

"Yuehan, it is Young Aunt's fault, but I was also a victim of fraud! I thought I had lost a real diamond hair clip, so in my state of anxiety, I... I..." Cheng Xiulu stopped mid-sentence, as if she had thought of something, and suddenly turned to look at Nian Xiaomu.

If she had known at a glance that the diamond was fake, why hadn't she said so when she was putting it on for Cheng Xiulu previously?

Was she trying to avoid trouble? Or had she guessed that Cheng Xiulu would use the hair clip to frame her and kept it to herself as a result?

Cheng Xiulu was rattled by her own thoughts.

When she saw Nian Xiaomu's look, it was as if Cheng Xiulu had seen a ghost in her eyes...

"It's a good thing for Young Aunt to establish rules, but the Matriarch of the Yu household can't be fooled by such a cheap fake." Yu Yuehan stood up from the sofa slowly. He was obviously mocking her, but it was impossible to pick out any flaws from his tall and strikingly handsome face.

Although his gaze was clearly on Cheng Xiulu, Nian Xiaomu strangely felt a chill down her own spine...

What in the world was going on?