The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 481

Chapter 481 The Truth This Is Her Daughter 3

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After the fever subsided, Xiao Liuliu was back to her chirpy self.

Seeing that Nian Xiaomu’s eyes had turned red, she leaned in close and asked, “Is Pretty Mommy unhappy? Let me kiss you and cheer you up!”

After that, she puckered up her lips and gave Nian Xiaomu a peck on the cheek.

“” Nian Xiaomu felt comforted immediately.

She wanted to correct the way Xiao Liuliu addressed her, but could not bring herself to say it.

Then, she picked up Xiao Liuliu and went downstairs to keep her company while she did her homework. At the same time, Nian Xiaomu was waiting for Yu Yuehan to come home.

“This is Daddi.”

“This is Pretty Mommy.”

“And this is Xiao Liuliu”

Xiao Liuliu’s homework from school was to draw a picture of her family.

Xiao Liuliu was very clever, unlike other children who only doodled.

As she counted the members of her family with her fingers, she thought hard and drew another head while mumbling to herself, “This is Great-grandma. She dotes on Xiao Liuliu the most, so I have to draw her more beautifully”

Even now, Nian Xiaomu did not know if she had given birth to a son or a daughter.

If the child had been a girl, would she be as cute as Xiao Liuliu?


She had always heard the servants in the Yu Family villa talk about how Xiao Liuliu looked like Yu Yuehan, but Xiao Liuliu’s personality was like Nian Xiaomu’s. This was why that they got along so well.

Xiao Liuliu wasn’t her daughter, but was so much like her. This would mean that her own child’s personality would be exactly the same as hers and very lovable.

When she thought of this, something else occurred to her.

Yu Yuehan’s temper was quite bad, so Xiao Liuliu’s character could not take after his. As a result, this meant that Xiao Liuliu was just like her biological mother

“Let me tell you honestly. Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother was Young Master Han’s only true love! Even though that woman left, there is no place for anyone else. And you, you were only taken as a substitute just because you resemble that woman greatly!”

“Nian Xiaomu, I really pity you. You thought that you had found a man who loved you, only to find out in the end that it was just a pipe dreamhe does not love you at all! You are merely a substitute! Once Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother appears, you will be thrown away like a pair of worn out shoes!”

Wen Yadai’s previous words rang in Nian Xiaomu’s ears, causing her to freeze in trepidation.

Yu Yuehan had probably picked her not only because she resembled that woman, but also because their personalities were alike.

Biting her lip, Nian Xiaomu reminded herself not to overthink anymore.

Lifting her head, she saw Matriarch Yu walking in while looking radiant and gleeful.

“You don’t have to hold onto me. I’m so happy today that I can even run two laps around the Yu Family villa!”

Matriarch Yu pushed away the person in front of her as she rushed in urgently.

When she saw Nian Xiaomu, she immediately called out to her merrily, “My little Xiao Mumu, come over here quickly to Grandma!”


Nian Xiaomu snapped back to her senses and hurriedly got up. “Matriarch, it’s so cold outside. What brings you here?”

“What Matriarch? I have already corrected you so many times, yet you still don’t know how to call me Grandma!” Then, she whipped out a red jewelry box, presented it proudly to Nian Xiaomu, and declared, “I’m here today with something precious for you!”

As Matriarch Yu spoke, she opened the box to reveal a pair of shimmery gold dragon and phoenix bangles that were exquisitely beautiful.