The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 484

Chapter 484 Climax Reunion Of Both Mother And Daughter 2

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“It was a health checkup that was arranged by the company,” Nian Xiaomu replied without thinking much. However, her kept her eyes peeled on Tan Bengbeng’s facial expression.

“Do you know what the doctor who was in charge of my health checkup had to say?”

“What?” Tan Bengbeng placed her cup down and lifted her head up to look at Nian Xiaomu.

Tan Bengbeng blabbered on before Nian Xiaomu could speak, “Actually, you don’t have to be so concerned about it because I have been monitoring the condition of your health. Your body is slightly weaker compared to a normal person, but this will not affect your daily life”

Nian Xiaomu suddenly spoke and interrupted her, “I gave birth before.”

Tan Bengbeng opened her mouth slightly; the words that couldn’t spill out of her mouth in time were stuck in her throat.

As she met Nian Xiaomu’s questioning gaze, she only sighed a long while later and said, “You found out about it in the end.”


Nian Xiaomu’s body stiffened when she heard Tan Bengbeng say that.

It was exactly what Nian Xiaomu had expected.

Ever since Nian Xiaomu discovered that she had given birth before, she had been thinking that it was impossible for Tan Bengbeng not to know this since Tan Bengbeng had taken care of her for so long!

Tan Bengbeng had great medical skills and was an established doctor.

She was Nian Xiaomu’s good friend.

If she knew about this, why did she keep such an important matter from Nian Xiaomu?

However, speculations would remain as speculations.

Tan Bengbeng was the savior of Nian Xiaomu’s life; she could not assume that Tan Bengbeng had done her wrong without asking about it first.

As such, she came here immediately when she received Tan Bengbeng’s call.

She wanted to ask her this personally: what exactly had happened?

“You knew long ago that the scar on my tummy wasn’t caused by a typical burn wound, but was a scar left behind from a cesarean section?” Nian Xiaomu had wanted to calm herself down, but right from the start, her emotions could not be controlled, and she started to become agitated.

Tan Bengbeng was the first person whom she had seen when she initially woke up.

Nian Xiaomu had forgotten everything.

Tan Bengbeng was the only person who was with her.

In recent years, Tan Bengbeng had even sold her own house just to save Nian Xiaomu.

She was like a family member to her.

It had never crossed Nian Xiaomu’s mind that the person who had hidden the most secrets from her was actually the person whom she trusted the most.

“Calm down.”

Tan Bengbeng pressed her back into the chair and poured her a cup of water.

Nian Xiaomu did not take the cup from her. Instead, she looked at her with eyes wide open and waited for her explanation.

“Yes, I knew about it long ago. You were covered with injuries when I first found you. Furthermore, I happened to discover that you had just given birth when I was performing an examination on youthe wound on your abdomen wasn’t even fully healed.”

Tan Bengbeng leaned against the edge of the desk again; her slightly chilly voice was a great match for her character.

She continued to talk about the things that she knew and said, “At that time, your life was hanging in the balanceI couldn’t be bothered with other matters and could only work to save your life first. Once I managed to pull you back from the jaws of death, I immediately went over to the place where I found you. I searched the surroundings, but did not see your child at all. I even sought help from my colleagues in the hospital, asking them to inquire around and check if anyone had picked up or seen a baby near that area. And so, I had searched for a very long time, but to no avail. You know about everything that happened afterwardyou fell into a coma for a very long time and had amnesia about everything when you woke up. In addition, due to the condition of your body at that time, you would not have been able to take the impact of losing your child I am a doctorI can only do what is best for my patient.”

After Tan Bengbeng finished speaking, she removed her glasses, looked at Nian Xiaomu calmly, and asked, “What would you have done if you were me?”


Nian Xiaomu clenched her first.

She tried her best to recall that particular memory, but only a glow of fire remained in her mind.


Even she had forgotten about her own child, much less Tan Bengbeng who did not even know her. For a stranger who had kindly saved her, what wrong did Tan Bengbeng commit?