The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 489

Chapter 489 Climax Reunion Of Both Mother And Daughter 7

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Nian Xiaomu could hardly hold it in any longer, and just as she was about to ask him, Yu Yuehan suddenly let go of her hand.

Pulling out the chair next to her, he sat down in it.

His gorgeous face tilted to the side as he watched her touch the cake. Raising his eyebrow, he asked, “You don’t like it?”

“ I like it.” Nian Xiaomu hurriedly opened up the packaging, picked up a spoon, and fed herself a mouthful of cake.

In her mind, she could not stop wondering if Yu Yuehan had overheard her conversation with Xiao Liuliu just now.

Even if he did not hear the first part, he must have heard Xiao Liuliu call her “Pretty Mommy.”

By now, he should have brought it up.

However, looking at his current expression, it seemed like it did not matter to him at all.

Instead, the person who was feeling internally conflicted was her.

To say or not to say

“Yummy!” Xiao Liuliu sat in her high chair, swiftly digging into her cake and feeding herself.

Her small exquisite face was filled with satisfaction.

As her big round eyes turned toward Yu Yuehan, she scooped up a piece of cake with her tiny spoon and reached out toward him, cooing, “For Daddi to eat!”

Yu Yuehan didn’t seem like the kind of person who liked cake. Nian Xiaomu was curious to see if he would eat it anyway because he doted on his daughter so much.

At the next second, however, she heard his calm voice say, “No, it’s fine. You eat it. Daddy will eat your Pretty Mommy’s cake.”

Nian Xiaomu: “!!”

That was right. Even if she were to lie low, he would surely not let her off!

Since Nian Xiaomu could not enjoy her cake, she casually scooped some up and asked, “Where did you go today? You came back so late and didn’t answer my calls earlier.”

At first, she was only asking for fun.

However, when these questions came out of her mouth, her heart became very keen to hear his answers.

Yu Yuehan had appeared to be very busy these past two days.

He would leave the house early in the morning and only return late at night. Although they lived in the same house, it was extremely difficult to see him.

Yu Yuehan took a bite of the cake that Nian Xiaomu delivered to his mouth, and before he let go of the fork, he answered coolly, “Did you miss me?”

His voice was lower than usual and strangely alluring.

“Not at all!” Nian Xiaomu turned to look away and continued eating her cake. She was determined not to expose her real feelings and maintained a calm expression on her face.

“So you were checking on my whereabouts.” Yu Yuehan narrowed his eyes as he offered an explanation for her.


Choking on her cake, Nian Xiaomu clumsily picked up her cup and gulped down some water.

“Yu Yuehan, I’m the one asking you the questions now!”

“Mmm.” The sides of his mouth curled up. “Then do you admit that you were checking on my whereabouts?”

Nian Xiaomu: “”

It was impossible to have a proper conversation with this man!

Once Xiao Liuliu was done eating, Yu Yuehan sent her off to play with the butler in the living room.

There were now only the two of them in the dining room.

In her nervousness, Nian Xiaomu’s fork grazed the corner of her lips.

Reaching out for a piece of tissue paper, her wrist was gripped by a big hand.

“No need for the trouble.” Yu Yuehan leaned forward and swept his tongue past her lips.

While the cream was being licked clean, Nian Xiaomu fell into a daze and sat blankly in her seat.

Yu Yuehan used this chance to pull her into his arms and slipped his hands under her blouse, caressing her waist as he asked in a sexy voice, “Honestly, did you miss me?”

“” Miss what about you?


When Nian Xiaomu realized that she had learned to think cheeky thoughts from Yu Yuehan, she quickly pressed down on his hands.

“There’s really something that I want to talk to you about!”

Hearing this, Yu Yuehan recalled that when he was about to leave the house this morning, she had said that there was something she wanted to tell him.

However, he wasn’t able to stay and listen to her.

He rested his hand on her waist and said, “Say it then.”