The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 494

Chapter 494 Proposal 2

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Then, she leaned her little face close to Nian Xiaomu’s stomach and asked, “Is there a little brother and little sister inside here?”

Nian Xiaomu: “!!”

Stiffening in shock, Nian Xiaomu did not know how to explain the birds and the bees to Xiao Liuliu.

Furthermore, she and Yu Yuehan had only started dating a short while ago. They weren’t even marriedhow could they make babies now?

It was all his fault!

He was obviously trying to trick Xiao Liuliu to agree to sleep on her own, but why did he have to talk about making babies?

Now she was done for.

Xiao Liuliu had set her mind on getting a little brother and little sister!

“Xiao Liuliu, listen to me. Actually”

Yu Yuehan stepped forward and interrupted her words nonchalantly, “Xiao Liuliu, the presents you gave to your little brother and sister are melting.”

Nian Xiaomu only realized after hearing his reminder that the heater was turned on in the living room, and the temperature was quite high.

Very quickly, the snowballs were starting to melt.

“Quickly put them back!” Xiao Liuliu exclaimed when she heard Yu Yuehan’s words. Carrying her snowmen in her hands, she put them back in the freezer carefully. Then, she ran back to Nian Xiaomu and crawled onto her lap as she lifted her little head to ask a question.

“Pretty Mommy, will my little brother and little sister like the present I gave them?”

Nian Xiaomu: “”

The crucial point of this question is that you first must have a little brother or little sister.

However, when she met Xiao Liuliu’s hopeful gaze, she thought about how she owed Xiao Liuliu so much for the past three years. Nian Xiaomu’s eyes sparkled as she nodded earnestly.

“Yes, they will surely like anything that Xiao Liuliu gives them!”

Then, she carried Xiao Liuliu up and rubbed her head against Xiao Liuliu’s little head.

After holding her close for while longer, Nian Xiaomu finally let her go.

As she watched the quirky little girl run toward Yu Yuehan and ask to be carried, she suddenly felt a stirring in her heart when Yu Yuehan lifted Xiao Liuliu high up in the air.

Suddenly, Nian Xiaomu felt very relieved that her darling child had met Yu Yuehan.

Even if Yu Yuehan hated her for scheming against him and giving birth to Xiao Liuliu, his love for Xiao Liuliu was genuine

Perhaps he would forgive Nian Xiaomu for her mistakes because Xiao Liuliu was so adorable?

Regardless, she could not recall anything from the past anymore. Would he really be so cruel that he would strangle her to death?

Nian Xiaomu pursed her lips and mustered her courage to walk toward him. She got his attention by pulling on the sleeve of his shirt.

Yu Yuehan glanced over at Nian Xiaomu, then put Xiao Liuliu down and instructed the butler to take her to eat her breakfast. Next, he turned back to check on Nian Xiaomu, who had an odd expression on her face.

Yu Yuehan asked, “What is it?”


Not knowing how to get started, Nian Xiaomu found herself tongue-tied.

The more nervous she got, the more nonsense she blabbered.

“I just want to say that Xiao Liuliu is so young that it is important for her to have a mother, especially her biological mother! Furthermore, Xiao Liuliu is such a lovable and kind child that her mother must surely be a good person too. If you strangle her biological mother to death, Xiao Liuliu will definitely grow up to hate you. Even if you don’t care about what others think, surely you will consider Xiao Liuliu’s feelings right? I think that if even you cannot get to the bottom of this matter, maybe there is a misunderstanding regarding what had happened in the past. If you do find that person, you have to carefully investigate what really happened”

Before Nian Xiaomu could finish speaking, Yu Yuehan’s long fingers suddenly pressed against her busy lips.

In a low voice, he asked, “What do you really want to say?”

Nian Xiaomu pulled away his hand, took a deep breath, and answered, “I only wanted to tell you that I am actually not ready to leave you.”

After saying those words, Nian Xiaomu felt like giving herself a tight slap!