The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 495

Chapter 495 Proposal 3

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She had actually wanted to say that she was Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother.

However, when she met Yu Yuehan’s icy gaze, she lost all of her courage even though the words were at the tip of her tongue.

Her words oddly turned into “I am actually not ready to leave you.” Now, she made it seem like Yu Yuehan was about to dump her How embarrassing!

“Silly.” Upon hearing her words, Yu Yuehan pulled her into his arms and ran his long fingers through her hair.

Then, he grabbed the back of her head with his hand and pressed her into his chest. In a low voice, he promised earnestly, “You won’t leave me, and I will never let you go.”

“No matter what happens?” Nian Xiaomu looked up immediately.

“Indeed, no matter what happens.” Yu Yuehan hugged her more tightly as he gave his promise.

Hearing this, Nian Xiaomu’s pounding heart calmed down a little as she comforted herself that everything would be fine.

Right now, there was no evidence to prove that the DNA report was authentic. Nian Xiaomu decided that she would find the courage to tell Yu Yuehan the truth after Tan Bengbeng had confirmed that Xiao Liuliu was Nian Xiaomu’s biological child.

Yeah, it wasn’t because she was cowardly.

It was because she was cautious!

What if everything turned out to be a misunderstanding after she came clean to him. That would be so awkward.

She was a goddess. She had to practice some modesty!

Nian Xiaomu silently convinced herself of this, then let Yu Yuehan lead her to the dining room to eat breakfast.

A beautiful day started with work.

Nian Xiaomu was now a well-rounded manager in the public relations department and adept at carrying out new assignments.

When she could finally take a breather, she made herself a cup of coffee before returning to her desk and spacing out in front of the computer.

However, less than three minutes passed before a message popped up on the computer monitor.

[Eat lunch with me.] It had Yu Yuehan’s usual domineering tone.

It wasn’t an invitation or a request, but a direct order.

Putting the cup of coffee down on the desk, Nian Xiaomu pondered over the message on the computer monitor for a few seconds before starting to type on the keyboard.

[Your good friend has rejected your request and logged out!]

After typing out this reply, Nian Xiaomu could not help chuckling to herself before sending the message out.

She picked up her cup of coffee again and slowly enjoyed its goodness.

She began to imagine Yu Yuehan’s reaction after he saw her reply on the computer. Would he get so infuriated that his nose became contorted before he caved in and gave her a call?

However, after a long while, he did not reply.

Did this mean he was giving up?

This was not his style.

Nian Xiaomu waited for a few more minutes, but there was still no reply.

She placed her hands on the keyboard and wondered if she should follow up with a message to check in on him. The next moment, she heard a knock on her office door. Then, the secretary pushed the door open and walked in.

“Manager Nian, the president’s office called just now to say that Master Han needs you to deliver a document to him. Not now, but later during lunch time.”

Nian Xiaomu: “!!”

Nian Xiaomu turned back to face her computer and hit out a line of words on her keyboard.

[Despicable fellow! How dare you abuse your authority at work! I am going to expose your true colors in front of all our colleagues!]

When she was done, she sent it out immediately.

The secretary had not left the room yet. When she saw Nian Xiaomu’s enraged expression, she stopped and walked over to the desk to ask, “Manager Nian, are you alright?”

“” Nian Xiaomu quickly closed the message window on the computer monitor and put on a smile.

Through gritted teeth she said, “It’s nothing much. It’s just that I discovered someone is extremely shameless, so I got a bit worked up over it. Don’t worry. I know which document Master Han wants. I will definitely deliver it to him at lunch time!”