The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 496

Chapter 496 Proposal 4

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“Manager Nian is the prettiest looking female manager I’ve ever seen. You must have plenty of suitors, and it’s normal to meet a shameless one once in a while. Speaking of which, Young Master Han must be one of the good men in the Yu Corporation! He’s handsome, he’s rich, and he doesn’t lust after women…”

Hearts were about to spring out of the female secretary’s eyes as she continued praising.

The secretary didn’t notice that Nian Xiaomu, who was sitting behind her office desk, had recently been badly triggered by a particular someone. However, it just so happened that the staff from Nian Xiaomu’s department could still sing praises about him right in her face.

Gripping the felt-tip pen in her band, she drew a few circles and started to poke at the paper.

With every praise that the secretary sang, Nian Xiaomu stabbed out again.

“Manager Nian, what happened? Your notebook…” The secretary revealed a face full of horror.

Nian Xiaomu snapped back to her senses and lowered her head to take a look.

She had nearly punctured the very thick notebook before her! the (TLC. Not sure if this is a typo or if the rest of the sentence is missing.)


As she released her grip, the pen fell from her hand to the table.

With an awkward expression, Nian Xiaomu gave a forced smile and said, “It was an accident—an accident.”

As the secretary stared at the notebook, which had been punctured to the extent that it looked like a hornet’s nest, she quickly bid Nian Xiaomu farewell before hugging her documents and sprinting out.

Staring at the view of the secretary’s panic-stricken back, Nian Xiaomu predicted that she herself would be the target of gossip today among all the female employees in the public relations department…

Ding! A notification sounded from the computer.

There was still a fire in Nian Xiaomu’s heart, but she reached out immediately to click on the notification when she turned around and saw that it was a reply from Yu Yuehan.

She had originally assumed that he would at least say a sentence or two to appease her and cool her down after hearing the threats that she had sent him.

She had not expected that only three words would appear on the screen.

[Please expose me.]

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

He’s got thick skin! He’s won!

She wouldn’t be duped.

The two of them had yet to publicize their relationship, but he was already using all sorts of tricks to take advantage of her by abusing his official authority.

He would surely drain her to death if they had publicized their relationship.

Dream on!

Nian Xiaomu thought for a moment and replied to him, “Sleeping together during lunch or at night. You can only pick one.”

The gloomy feeling in her heart finally dispersed after she was done typing that sentence.

She did not believe that she would fail to restrain him with this.

If he dared to choose sleeping during lunchtime, she would head over to Xiao Liuliu’s room to sleep tonight and allow him to stay lonely and cold all by himself!

Ding! A new reply appeared on the computer in less than three seconds.

It was exactly what she had expected.

Only one sentence appeared on the screen, and it said, “You don’t need to come up at noon.”

Just when the gleeful Nian Xiaomu was about to turn cocky, she realized that there was another sentence below.

[I’ll come down and accompany you for lunch.]


She spat all of the coffee in her mouth onto the computer screen.

Yu Yuehan, you’re a big bad wolf!

Nian Xiaomu’s phone suddenly rang just when she was about to say something.

It was a call from Yu Yuehan.

Stunned, she reached out to pick it up. His magnetic voice that could impregnate one’s ears rang out and said, “Come over to my side for lunch. There’s a surprise.”


Another surprise?

He didn’t remember anything else except for this rule among the three rules that they had laid down. Still, it was true that he had been surprising her frequently these days.

However, the previous two times he had surprised her with either roses or cakes—what could it be today?

Nian Xiaomu’s anger subsided when she saw that he had specially called to appease her.

Ever since they ended the call, she had been guessing what gift Yu Yuehan would surprise her with.

At 11:50 AM, before the clock even struck 12 noon, she stood up from her office desk and grabbed a random document.

She pretended to be looking for the president to get his signature for something urgent.

She appeared in front of the entrance to the president’s office at 12 PM sharp.

She briefly tidied up her business attire and took in a deep breath to allow herself to appear natural and beautiful.

Only then did she raise her hand up with satisfaction and knock on the door.