The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 50

Chapter 50: An act

Nian Xiaomu: "..."

So he had purposely asked her to come to the study room for this reason.

Should she tell the truth or tell a white lie?

Nian Xiaomu felt conflicted for a moment, but when she saw the man's dark gaze, she felt that honesty was the best policy.

"When she asked me to put on the hair clip for her, the hair clip felt funny in my hand. It felt heavier than most diamond hair clips and the luster seemed strange, so I took a second look at it." Nian Xiaomu pursed her lips.

If it were anyone else, she might have brought it up out of kindness.

However, Cheng Xiulu was obviously picking on her and even made her go to the small courtyard. Who knew what she was up to?

Thus, she was on guard and kept silent about it.

As a result, she did not become a thief today.

"Do you know diamonds well?" Yu Yuehan's eyebrows furrowed as he asked indifferently.

An ordinary person would not have many opportunities to come in contact with expensive jewelry.

Moreover, the diamond was set into the hair clip. She could sense that something was wrong from when she merely touched the hair clip.

This could only mean that she was in constant contact with luxurious items and was very familiar with them!

However, this type of person had to be extremely wealthy and certainly not a lowly nurse!

Yu Yuehan's eyes turned cold. His gaze turned into something akin to X-ray lasers and saw though her.

"Before I took up nursing, I was a counter sales woman and promoted diamond accessories. As long as a diamond passes by me, I would be able to tell its authenticity!" Nian Xiaomu did not notice the man's watchful look, smiling as she answered the question.

A pair of animated eyes sparkled with confidence.

When she finished speaking, it was as if she suddenly recalled something and continued to explain, "Don't worry, I'm now a professional nurse. I will surely take good care of Xiao Liuliu."

"..." Counter sales woman?

He had actually not thought of this! It was possible to be in constant contact with diamond accessories that way.

Yet, why did he somehow feel that her words were not the whole truth?

Was he overly suspicious?

"Master Han, if you do not have any further instructions, I will go down first. Xiao Liuliu is waiting for me." As Nian Xiaomu spoke, her eyes were already staring at the door.

Worrying about Xiao Liuliu was true, but being scared of Yu Yuehan was true too.

She did not know why the way he looked at her numbed her with fear!

If she had stayed on, she was afraid that she would succumb to the pressure and reveal the truth that her ability to assess diamonds was not because she had previously been a counter sales woman.

Instead, she had had the chance to enter a luxurious jewelry company because she possessed a pair of piercing and penetrating eyes.

She was able to assess the authenticity as well as appraise any gem that she saw.

She was not 100 percent accurate, but most of the time she was correct.

How she became this way was unknown even to herself...

However, if she were to tell this to Yu Yuehan and he did not believe her, it would become even more troublesome.

For a small fry like her, it was best to lie low!

When she saw that he was not going to speak, Nian Xiaomu took his silence as permission to leave the room and hurriedly scampered out of the study room.

When her figure had disappeared, the assistant emerged from the adjacent room. "Young Master, if Nian Xiaomu spoke the truth, then what happened today was only a coincidence."

They had been worried that Yu Huiwei had planted someone to look after Xiao Liuliu.

Seeing how Cheng Xiulu had mistreated Nian Xiaomu cleared Nian Xiaomu of any suspicion.

"Coincidence?" Yu Yuehan leaned back onto his seat, causally tapping his long fingers on the work desk with his eyes deep in thought.

Hearing that, the assistant was taken aback.

As if a thought had occurred to him, he abruptly raised his head.

"Does Master Han worry that what happened today was an act arranged by someone?"