The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 503

Chapter 503 The Yu Couple Is Here Year After Year 1

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“Someone is here!” Nian Xiaomu seemed to have seen her savior as she quickly peeped out from his embrace.

She happily looked out.

Shortly after, she saw Matriarch Yu, who entered with a majestic air.

The moment Matriarch Yu saw them, she opened her mouth happily and said, “You rascal, how could you hide such a joyful matter from me! Luckily, I was smart enough to have arranged for someone to follow you. This is how I managed to catch up!”

As Matriarch Yu said that, she reached out and pulled Nian Xiaomu out of Yu Yuehan’s embrace.

She patted Nian Xiaomu’s hand excitedly.

“Grandma knew that you had great affinity with the Yu Family from the very first time I saw you. Indeed, I was right!”

“Grandma…” Yu Yuehan wanted to say something, but Matriarch Yu totally ignored him.

She continued to tug at Nian Xiaomu and praised her incessantly.

After she was done complimenting Nian Xiaomu, she started to instruct the person beside her to bring over the item that she had prepared.

Then, she put that pair of dragon and phoenix bracelets on Nian Xiaomu’s wrists.

“It looks so nice, so nice. Grandma is happier than anyone else to see that the both of you have finally decided to settle down. This young brat has finally managed to lure… to make you his!”

“Xiao Mumu, you don’t know about this, but Yuehan has had a weird temper ever since he was young. He did not like to play with kids his age and was always in his room. I was so worried that my grandson would grow up to be a fool, but who knew that his character would change completely the moment he met you? He actually learned about tricks on how to get a girl…”

“Ahem!” Yu Yuehan anxiously reminded Matriarch Yu when he realized that his grandma was about to expose his old secrets the moment she got happy.

When Matriarch Yu heard that, she shot him a glance from the corner of her eye and continued to speak with smiling eyes.

“Don’t be afraid, Xiao Mumu is one of us now!”

Yu Yuehan: “…”

Grandma, when you’re exposing me, please be reminded that I am one of your own as well.

I am your grandson, closely related by blood!

“If Grandma didn’t see it with my own eyes just now, I wouldn’t believe that my iceberg-like grandson would have done such a romantic thing. Oh my, I am now a little embarrassed to praise him!”

At such a ripe old age, Matriarch Yu had seen everything.

However, she was still extremely moved the moment she thought of that scene from before.

As she gripped Nian Xiaomu’s hand tightly, the tone of her voice turned serious, and she continued, “Even though this foolish grandson of mine is short spoken, Grandma could see that he’s really into you—he wishes that he could give you the best of everything!”

“…” As Nian Xiaomu turned around and looked at Yu Yuehan, her heart skipped a beat when she met his dark, affectionate-looking gaze.

All of a sudden, a sentence flashed past her mind: I had rejected everyone’s good graces just to wait for your indeterminable arrival…

She was that indeterminable arrival to Yu Yuehan.

It was the same for her as well.

In this lifetime of hers, it was probably her greatest blessing to be able to meet him, love him, and stay with him.

Nian Xiaomu’s heart twitched slightly. Moving her lips, she mouthed three words silently to him: I love you!

“…” Yu Yuehan’s eyes narrowed as a dangerous ray of light flickered in his eyes.

It seemed like he wanted to tear her apart and swallow her whole with that gaze of his.

However, his grandma wasn’t done speaking yet…

“It’s good that you have proposed! Getting married will be the next step, so it’s time to plan for the wedding after the proposal!” Laugh lines filled the corners of Matriarch Yu’s eyes; the more she thought about it, the happier she was.

“Grandma hopes that the both of you will remain as such and give birth to a few more great-grandchildren for me. In that case, I’d be able to smile even in my sleep…”

“Grandma!” Yu Yuehan couldn’t take it anymore. As he walked up, he reached out and clasped Nian Xiaomu’s shoulders.

Following what Matriarch Yu had mentioned, he continued by saying, “Time to rest. It’s getting late. Otherwise, your great-granddaughter will not be able to meet you.”