The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 507

Chapter 507 The Yu Couple Is Here Year After Year 5

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“Hold on.” With a slightly stunned face, Tan Bengbeng interrupted her and asked, “Did you bed Young Master Han forcefully during your first sexual experience with him just because you had a drop too much to drink?”

“Yeah, you know that I’ll turn… turn into a love struck fool very easily when I have alcohol… I couldn’t resist Yu Yuehan with that face of his—I had wanted to strike when I saw him at typical times, so when I got the chance, I had to… You know…”

Nian Xiaomu muttered her way through and finally completed that single sentence with much difficulty.

Tan Bengbeng pulled a chair out and sat in front of her.

She shook her head intensely.

“I believe that you would bed him when you’re drunk! However, from what I know, Young Master Han’s self defense skills are far stronger than all of his bodyguards combined—you could only bed him if he laid still and allowed you to do so.”

“…” Nian Xiaomu’s mouth was slightly agape as she looked at Tan Bengbeng with an extremely astonished expression.

It was as if she couldn’t believe what she had just heard.

And so, she had fallen into Yu Yuehan’s trap again?

“Did you come over here suddenly just to tell me about who had bedded the other party?” A rare blush appeared on Tan Bengbeng’s chilly-looking face.

Even though she was just slightly older than Nian Xiaomu, she was totally clueless when it came to relationships.

She had seen too much of the opposite sex in the operating room. As such, it seemed that in her life, she had also lost the concept of the different genders.

Usually, she would be the confident one who would raise such a topic to others.

She was seemingly embarrassed by it when Nian Xiaomu suddenly flashed her affections publicly while talking about this topic…

“Of course not!” When Nian Xiaomu heard what Tan Bengbeng said, she extended her left hand out immediately. As she dangled her finger with the ring on, she smiled until her eyebrows arched and announced, “Yu Yuehan has proposed to me, and I said yes.”


Startled by her words, Tan Bengbeng’s face froze for a moment.

It was as if she had not expected that the two of them would be progressing so quickly.

Young Master Han did not lust after women, and very few women could catch his attention.

Rumor had it that Young Master Han only loved his company and not the beautiful ladies.

He was most likely gay.

Nobody would have ever thought that Nian Xiaomu would take him down so easily.

As Tan Bengbeng returned to her senses, she forced out a smile and said, “Seeing that you have gotten yourself a partner, I also feel assured. However, being in a wealthy family isn’t an easy feat. I remember that you were picked on by the young aunt of Young Master Han, so you must be careful.”

“Why would I be afraid of her? With Yu Yuehan around, he will not allow anyone to bully me.” As Nian Xiaomu stroked the ring on her finger, an exceptionally sweet smile exuded from within her eyes.

With that personality of hers, she wouldn’t allow herself to be at a disadvantage even if Yu Yuehan wasn’t around.

After she was done talking about the joyous matters, Nian Xiaomu’s face sank as she instantly switched to talking about the main topic.

“Actually, I am here today to ask about the maternity test that you were doing for me and Xiao Liuliu. Are there any results yet?”

She had been delaying this matter and did not dare to break the news to Yu Yuehan.

First of all, she was afraid that he would get angry. Secondly, she was afraid that the results of the maternity test would turn out different from their speculations.

She had taken a few strands of Xiao Liuliu’s hair immediately after she got back the other time and sent it to Tan Bengbeng.

This was to allow her to do one more test on it.

The results should be ready by now, right?

Nian Xiaomu suddenly became very nervous when she thought of this.

“The results are ready.” As Tan Bengbeng opened a drawer, she took out a document that was placed inside and passed it to Nian Xiaomu.

When she saw that Nian Xiaomu was grabbing the report with both her hands, but did not dare to look at it, she couldn’t help it and told her, “The results are the same as the DNA test that you retrieved the previous time. Yu Liuliu is your biological daughter.”


Nian Xiaomu lifted her head up with a whoosh and stared at Tan Bengbeng with an agitated look.

Aware that she was nervous, Tan Bengbeng did not keep her in suspense and repeated her words again, “You have found your daughter. She is Yu Liuliu.”