The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 51

Chapter 51: The real informant

Cheng Xiulu's prejudice against Nian Xiaomu did appear rather abrupt.

It was their first time meeting each other after all. Even if Nian Xiaomu had offended her in some way, Cheng Xiulu did not have to resort to framing her with such an elaborate plan.

It was difficult to explain it all.

Unless Cheng Xiulu had another reason for picking on Nian Xiaomu.

Otherwise, Nian Xiaomu must be working for her!

Cheng Xiulu must have known that Yu Yuehan wanted to chase Nian Xiaomu away. The two of them could have colluded to put on an act in front of him to clear any suspicions he might have toward Nian Xiaomu.

This could then explain why Nian Xiaomu, who was a nurse, would know so much about diamonds.

If she had already known that the diamond in Cheng Xiulu's hands was an imitation, it would have been too easy to memorize what she had said...

After analyzing the situation, the assistant's face darkened.

"Young Master, is Nian Xiaomu an informant or not?"

If she was, then she could not continue to stay employed in the Yu villa.

If Nian Xiaomu wasn't and Cheng Xiulu was trying her utmost to chase Nian Xiaomu away, then this must mean that there had to be an unspeakable secret. All the more reason why they could not just let Nian Xiaomu go...

This was especially the case now that Nian Xiaomu had a backer whom Yu Yuehan had no power overXiao Liuliu!

The assistant's face fell completely.

This was an unsolvable puzzle!

"..." Hearing the assistant's words, Yu Yuehan's eyes narrowed.

He also wanted to know whether she was working undercover or not.

For the first time, he could not ascertain if someone standing in front of him was speaking the truth or telling a lie.

She was like a mystery.

Revealed layer by layer until one thought that the truth was out in the open, all one could see was her true heart.

Just when one was prepared to believe her, one only discovered more inexplicable things that she was hiding...

Nian Xiaomu, just what kind of person are you?


In the small courtyard.

When Cheng Xiulu entered the room, she immediately instructed her servants to leave the room with a wave of her hand.

She turned to close the door and turned around again to look at the person who was hiding and waiting for her in the room.

She took a step forward, raised her hand, and tightly slapped that person.


The resounding slap sent Fang Zhenyi flying into the wall, knocking her head against it.

It was so painful that she yelped in horror!


"You useless thing! You came up with a scheme and guaranteed that it would chase away that troublemaker Nian Xiaomu, but look what happened?" Cheng Xiulu clenched her teeth, seething with rage.

Nian Xiaomu did not get chased away. Instead, she herself became a laughing stock in the Yu villa.

Now everyone knew that the madam of the Yu household was a country bumpkin! She could not even distinguish between a real and fake diamond and even treasured an imitation diamond like it was worth millions!!!

When she thought of this, Cheng Xiulu wished to death that she could slaughter Nian Xiaomu.

Fang Zhenyi, who had devised the plot, did not escape the fury of her wrath!

"Madam, this failure was only an accident. After all, no one had expected that the diamond hair clip was actually an imitation..." Fang Zhenyi finally recovered her senses and tearfully explained as she held her face with her hand.

To be fair, her plan had no loopholes.

It was Cheng Xiulu who could not even differentiate real from fake. That was why the plan fell through, but the blame was all put on her.

Gnashing her teeth, Fang Zhenyi's face darkened.

"An accident? Who was the one who told me that it would be a piece of cake to deal with Nian Xiaomu, a person who hadn't even completed her nursing course?" Cheng Xiulu walked forward and sat down on the sofa.

Pressing down on the wounds on her backside, she inhaled deeply.

Her face became even more contorted with pain.

"You did not know that she was a nurse who was knowledgeable about appraising gems? What kind of sloppy investigative work did you do?"