The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 512

Chapter 512 The Yu Couple Is Here Year After Year 10

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“What do you want to do with the plate?” Nian Xiaomu looked at Yu Yuehan in shock.

Raising an eyebrow, the sides of his lips curled upward into an ambiguous smile as he answered, “Bring it home to keep as a family heirloom.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

Very quickly, the service staff returned with the bill.

When Nian Xiaomu saw the figure on it, she could literally feel her heart ache.

She had splurged on this meal, and if she did not say the words that she wanted to say today, she would not be able to afford to treat him again…

Thinking about the money that she had spent gave her immense courage!

After Nian Xiaomu signed on the bill, she turned around toward Yu Yuehan.

“Yu Yuehan, I have something very important to tell you. You have to stay calm after you hear what I say and let me explain!”

Yu Yuehan: “…”

A light flickered in Yu Yuehan’s eyes. As if he had already expected something like this to happen, he appeared unmoved.

Putting both hands into his pockets, he looked back at her silently.

“Actually, I’ve only just found out about this matter. It’s the truth. I only got to know about it a little bit earlier than you…”

Just as Nian Xiaomu started speaking, Yu Yuehan’s cell phone rang.

Seeing the caller ID on the screen of the phone, Yu Yuehan frowned as he asked Nian Xiaomu to wait for him to pick up the call.

Within three seconds, Yu Yuehan’s face was overcast with gloom.

Hanging up the phone, he gritted his teeth as he said, “They found Xiao Liuliu’s mother.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

She was just about to surrender herself, but someone had tipped Yu Yuehan off!

Who was it? Admit it!

The warm atmosphere that she had spent money to create had dissipated. Yu Yuehan’s mood was now piercingly cold.

Nian Xiaomu felt her heart ache again!

Pursing her lips as she peered at him cautiously, she watched Yu Yuehan make a phone call to his assistant that instructed the assistant to wait at the Yu Family villa for him. Nian Xiaomu retracted in fear like a bird that was startled.

“What did you want to tell me just now?” Yu Yuehan placed his cell phone in his pocket as he asked.

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

Wouldn’t it be as good as killing herself to say it now?

As Nian Xiaomu hesitated to speak, Yu Yuehan pulled her into an embrace and led her out of the restaurant.

“We’ll talk when we get back.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

By the time they got back, she wouldn’t need to say anything anymore.

Nian Xiaomu could only cry tears in her heart.

When Nian Xiaomu and Yu Yuehan reached the exit of the restaurant, Nian Xiaomu caught sight of a familiar figure.

Taken aback by the coincidental meeting, Nian Xiaomu called out, “Shangxin…”

Even though Shangxin was wearing sunglasses, Nian Xiaomu could immediately tell that it was her.

What was Shangxin doing here?

Who was the man next to her…


Shangxin did not expect to bump into Nian Xiaomu here either.

A look of surprise flashed past her face. Then, she walked over to give Nian Xiaomu (TLC. Seems like the rest of sentence is missing? Maybe something along the lines of “give Nian Xiaomu a hug” ?). “Are you here to eat too?”

“Mhmm, we’re done.” Nian Xiaomu’s gaze shifted toward the man standing next to Shangxin.

He wasn’t Tang Yuansi.

Although he was good-looking and seemed like a high-flier dressed smartly in a suit, somehow Nian Xiaomu felt that he did not look compatible with Shangxin.

Just as Nian Xiaomu was about to ask who he was, the man had already recognized Yu Yuehan and was pulling out his business card excitedly.

“How do you do, Master Han. My name is Xie Feng. Nice to meet you.”


Yu Yuehan took a look at his business card, but did not take it from him.

He only reached out for the card after Nian Xiaomu glared at him.

Shangxin took in the scene, but did not seem affected by it. With a nonchalant (TLC. Rest of sentence seems to be missing.)

“My family arranged a blind date for me.”

“…” Startled by what she heard, Nian Xiaomu tightened her grip on Shangxin’s hand.

Everyone knew that Shangxin liked Tang Yuansi.

She had persevered for so many years and had not given up.

Why did she suddenly accept her family’s arrangements and go on a blind date?