The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 513

Chapter 513 You Are My Everlasting Love 1

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“What about Tang Yuansi? Does he know that you are going out on blind dates?” Nian Xiaomu lowered her voice and asked.

Shangxin’s expression changed slightly when she heard that name.

As if nothing had happened, she opened her mouth soon after and replied, “He knows.”


“It looks like you guys still have something going on, so I will not disturb you. Let’s meet again when we have time.” It seemed like Shangxin did not want to say anything further.

After they exchanged greetings with one another, Shangxin and her date entered the restaurant shortly.

Nian Xiaomu was worried and wanted to head in and clarify the matter, but Yu Yuehan pulled her by the arm and said, “Look over there.”


She twisted her head and looked in the direction of his gaze.

A car entered the car park.

Tang Yuansi’s handsome figure appeared shortly after the car door opened.

Even though his face looked very pale, his expression was very resolute. When he saw Shangxin, who had entered the restaurant with Xie Feng, he quickly strolled over to them.

It seemed like he was here for Shangxin.

He paused slightly in his steps when he bumped into Nian Xiaomu and Yu Yuehan at the entrance. After he gestured to Yu Yuehan by nodding his head, he quickly followed Shangxin in.

He looked anxious.

“You are only anxious now—what were you doing before this then?” Nian Xiaomu pulled a face at Tang Yuansi from behind.

Her heart ached whenever she thought of how much Shangxin had suffered previously.

It was time for Tang Yuansi to get a taste of what it felt like.

As Nian Xiaomu cursed at him under her breath, a huge hand suddenly pressed on her head. With a slightly deep voice, he said, “Tang Yuansi isn’t how you think he is. He wasn’t playing a cat and mouse game with Shangxin either. He wouldn’t have chosen to take this path if he had a choice.”


Just when Nian Xiaomu was about to ask him what he meant by that, Yu Yuehan had already collected his gaze and refused to say anything.

Dragging her along, he turned around and left.

In the restaurant.

Shangxin followed Xie Feng to the VIP area and sat down. Apart from taking a glance at Yu Yuehan just now, Xie Feng’s eyes had been peeled on Shangxin right from the start.

He didn’t even steal a second glance when he saw a beauty like Nian Xiaomu.

The moment they sat down, he took the menu and placed it in front of her.

“Order whatever you like to eat. If there’s nothing you like in particular, we can ask the chef to give us some recommendations.”


Shangxin stopped using her cell phone; she looked up and cast a glance at him.

Through the sunglasses, Xie Feng noticed the desolate look that flashed past her eyes. She opened her mouth lightly and said, “I am fine with anything.”

Perhaps influenced by Xie Feng’s serious attitude, she put away her cell phone.

She ordered the dishes together with him.

Even though the Xie Family wasn’t a wealthy family of any sort, Xie Feng himself was a very hardworking person.

He had graduated from a prestigious university and was the top student of the business school.

He was her former classmate.

Her parents had assumed that she would never look back after seeing that she had pursued Tang Yuansi for so many years; the moment they heard that she was willing to go on a blind date, they could not be bothered about matters such as family background.

As long as he has had an upright character and loved her dearly, they were fine with anyone.

A self-mocking smile appeared at the corner of her lips when she thought of this.

The perseverance that she had once thought was rare and precious was merely stupid obstinance in the eyes of everyone present here.

The love that she had believed in was simply as such after she had let go of it.

“Shangxin? Shangxin?”

“Yeah?” She snapped back to her senses and lifted her head up.

When she met Xie Feng’s worried gaze, she removed her sunglasses and asked, “What did you want to tell me just now?”

The worried gaze in Xie Feng’s eyes cleared, and he asked with a smile, “Nothing much. I just remembered that you have a sweet tooth. Do you want to try the desserts at this restaurant?”

When Shangxin heard this, a person’s voice suddenly rang in her head.

Too much dessert ain’t good for your health. You should have less of them.

Since you are so disobedient, I guess I can only learn how to make sugar free desserts.