The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 515

Chapter 515 You Are My Everlasting Love 3

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He had refused to see her all along.

She couldn’t think of any other ideas and could only make herself appear on television.

In that case, he could see her whenever he turned on the television.

If not, he would still have a chance to see her when she appeared in the news…

She was really naive back then.

She had assumed that he wouldn’t forget about her if she appeared in his line of sight and allowed him to see her.

Loving someone with such inferiority.

Even if he had rejected her a thousand times, she would still strive hard for the one thousand and one time and appear in front of him. As she acted nonchalantly, she would wave to him with a smile and say, “What a coincidence. We meet again.”

Even so, nothing had changed…

“Do you still remember that time you performed a solo dance for the literature and art joint performance in school? The entire school was bewitched.” As Xie Feng spoke, he picked up the cup of water beside him nervously. He took a sip of it before looking at her again.

“Shangxin, actually, I began to like you from that moment onward.”


“I never once imagined that we would have a chance to meet up after our graduation. It also never ever crossed my mind that you would be willing to go on a blind date with me. When I received the call yesterday, I was so elated that I couldn’t sleep for the entire night!”

As Xie Feng spoke on excitedly, he suddenly reached out and grabbed ahold of Shangxin’s hands.

He held them tightly.

When Tang Yuansi, who was sitting beside them, saw this, he immediately gripped the cup in his hand tightly.

His fingertips had turned pale, and the cup was on the verge of shattering.

As he gritted his teeth and stared firmly at their intertwined hands, he used all of his strength to prevent himself from heading forward and tearing the both of them apart!

Shangxin seemed to have sensed something as she suddenly turned around and took a glance in his direction.

Tang Yuansi snapped back to his senses. He quickly placed the cup down and resumed his meal peacefully.

If was as he wouldn’t be affected no matter what the people around him were doing.

Only he knew it best—He didn’t even know what he was placing into his mouth.

The service staff was prompt in approaching him and delivered a bowl of soup to him.

Since Tang Yuansi had placed all of his attention on the table next to him, he totally did not notice that the soup was hot. Picking up a spoon, he scooped a spoonful and placed it into his mouth.

His facial expression changed immediately after tasting the scalding hot soup!

Afraid that she might notice something peculiar about him, he swallowed the soup forcibly. Following which, he picked up the cup of water and took crazy gulps of it!

It wasn’t the end of Xie Feng’s confession yet.

“I know that compared to your family, I am indeed not qualified to take a fancy to you.”


Hmmm, he is indeed unqualified, Tang Yuansi added on in his heart. His Xin’er deserved the best of everything.

“However, I will be true to you. I can forgo everything as long as you are willing to get together with me. I will give you a great life with my own hard work and effort!”


Was a true heart practical? If you are hardworking, Xin’er would be hardworking as well. She’s far more outstanding than you are, and you would never catch up to her,Tang Yuansi crooned coldly in his mind.

“I heard that the modeling industry is hard work. Don’t force yourself if you feel tired. I will be able to support you financially.”

“…” Support financially? Nobody could force Shangxin into doing anything that she wasn’t willing to do. She especially hated men who treated women like an accessory, those who always talked about “supporting you financially.”

Tang Yuansi was already waiting for her to fling Xie Feng’s hand away.

Blind date failed!

As Xie Feng grabbed her hands tightly, he continued, “Shangxin, I am serious. Would you be willing to give me a chance and go out with me?”