The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 516

Chapter 516 You Are My Everlasting Love 4

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When Tang Yuansi heard that sentence, he couldn’t help it and turned around to look at Shangxin.

They were seated at a very comfortable table.

Even though they were sitting beside each other, there were still some plants in the middle that separated them.

In addition, it just so happened that Shangxin had leaned her body forward a little so that her face was blocked by a potted plant.

He couldn’t see her facial expression clearly, but his heart sank bit by bit when he didn’t hear her voice any rejection after a very long while.

Xie Feng wasn’t her type.

She would surely have rejected him straightforwardly if it were a typical instance.

Now, however…

She was actually hesitating.

She was considering it.

She might even agree to it…

When Tang Yuansi thought of this, his face changed immediately.

“I would like to head to the bathroom first.” Shangxin finally spoke, but it wasn’t words of rejection.

From this sentence of hers, it actually seemed like she was nervous and wanted to find an excuse to ease her emotions before she thought through it carefully.

When Xie Feng heard that she didn’t immediately reject him, the expression on his face turned joyous. He released his grip on her immediately and replied, “Yeah, no rush. I’ll wait for you to come back.”

From that gentle voice of his, he seemed like a boyfriend who was worried about his girlfriend.

Tang Yuansi’s heart felt stifled once more when he heard that.

The moment Shangxin disappeared from view, Xie Feng called the waiter over immediately and instructed him to prepare a bouquet of roses, “I want the best, and it doesn’t matter if it is expensive…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Tang Yuansi’s handsome figure had already strolled to his side.

Opening his mouth slowly, Tang Yuansi spoke with pauses between his words, “You might not need them anymore.”

Xie Feng: “…!!”

In the bathroom.

Shangxin shut the door and sat on the closed lid of the toilet bowl. Covering her face with both her hands, she curled up into a ball.

Shortly after, tears flowed down from the spaces between her fingers.

Gritting her teeth, she held it in and did not cry out loud.

Xie Feng’s confession was very sincere and touching.

However, she simply felt that it was sarcastic when it was done in front of Tang Yuansi.

There was once someone who had pulled her tightly into his embrace and whispered in her ears, “Xiao Xinxin, my Xiao Xinxin. I can’t wait anymore, I want you to quickly grow up. I will always be by your side in the future. No matter what happens, I will never let go of you…”

Yet now, that loving man was sitting right beside her and completely indifferent as he watched another man confess to her with such deep love.

Was there anything that could be more sarcastic than this?

If that night wasn’t enough for her to give up on hope, it seemed that she could really drop the idea forever now.

She was probably just an annoying quack in his eyes. Now that someone was finally willing to get rid of this annoying quack for him, he should be very happy. Why would he stop him then?

What was she exactly expecting in her heart?

After that night, it was impossible for the both of them to get together…

As Shangxin walked out of the stall, she stood in front of the sink and splashed a handful of water on her face.

The ice cold water restored her rationality and calmed her emotions.

Her eyes were filled with self-mockery as she looked at her sorry self in the mirror.

Since she had already decided to restart everything, she shouldn’t look back again.

Taking in a deep breath, she prepared herself to accept Xie Feng and adjusted her emotions before she walked out.

However, Xie Feng wasn’t around anymore when she reached her seat.

Tang Yuansi was the one who had taken his seat.

He had removed his thick coat; he didn’t call for the service staff to hang it up for him and casually hung it behind his chair instead.

His tie was slightly loosened; even on his shirt, two buttons were unbuttoned from the row of buttons on his chest…

As he leaned against the chair, he placed one of his hands on the armrest and tapped on it gently.

It was as if he was awaiting the return of his girlfriend with that relaxed posture of his.