The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 519

Chapter 519 You Are My Everlasting Love 7

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She tripped over the sofa as she attempted to retreat into the room, and Tang Yuansi looked up immediately at the sound of her fall. When he saw Shangxin standing by the balcony, he flicked the cigarette butt into the ashtray and walked over to carry her back into the bed.

Lowering his eyes to look at her, his body froze when he saw her teary face. For a long moment, no one said a word.

As he lifted his fingers to gently wipe away the tears on her face, Tang Yuansi whispered, “Don’t cry. It’s all my fault. I will take… ”

Before he could say the word “responsibility,” Shangxin let out a chuckle.

Then, she laughed out loud.

She had just stopped crying and was now laughing.

Dabbing at the remnants of the tears on her face, Shangxin threw a glance at Tang Yuansi and sneered, “Do you think I’m upset? It’s just that I find it laughable that after getting what I had pined for all this time, it turned out to be nothing much.”

“…” Tang Yuansi’s eyes narrowed!

“Tang Yuansi, you’re not any different from other men. What’s stopping me from letting go of you?”

Shangxin sat up on the bed and stroked his chin with her long finger.

Disregarding his pale face, she got off the bed nonchalantly.

Bearing with the aching pain from the previous night, she picked up her clothes from the floor and put them on piece by piece.

Then, turning around to look at him, she said, “Thank you for the good time last night. Now we can call it quits. I will not bother you anymore in the future. Go ahead if you want to get engaged or married.”

“What did you say? Say it one more time.” Tang Yuansi glowered at Shangxin, his sharp glare threatening to slice her in half.

“No matter how many times I say it, it will be the same thing.”


“Did you really think that someone like me can’t find another man? It’s just that I refused to give you up since I have given so much all these years. Since I’ve gotten what I wanted and it’s no loss for you, let’s not feel like we owe each other anything. We should part while everything is good.”

Shangxin looked away from Tang Yuansi and walked to the door to open it.


Tang Yuansi stared intently at her as if he was trying to see through her and determine what she was really thinking.

Walking over to Shangxin, he placed his hands over her neck as he hissed, “Do you really think that we can go back to what we were like before?”

“How difficult is that? It was consensual between us last night and both of us were satisfied. Surely you aren’t so sensitive that you expect me to wail and beg you to marry me after sleeping with you?”


“Tang Yuansi, don’t think too highly of yourself. I can live a better life without you!” Shangxin scowled at Tang Yuansi as she forced herself to spit out every word at him.

Then, she turned around, afraid that he might see the reluctant feelings in her eyes.

Pointing at the door, she hollered, “Go! From now on, I don’t want to see you anymore!”

He left.

She had chased him away.

At the moment the door shut, Shangxin’s body became limp as she collapsed heavily onto the carpet.

She did not even dare to cry out loud.

She had imagined countless times what it might be like for them after their first time together. Never had she expected that things would turn out this way.

He had become the person closest to her heart, but she was going to lose him forever now…


Tang Yuansi’s car stopped at the entrance of the hotel.

Shangxin’s body jerked a bit in the car, and she snapped back to her senses as she willed herself not to think about the past.

Since she had decided to end her love for him, she would not continue to let her feelings linger.

Seeing that they had arrived at the hotel, Shangxin looked away and reached over to open the car door.