The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Everything would be repaid in a matter of time!

Cheng Xiulu glared fiercely at Fang Zhenyi.

As soon as she remembered that she had been thwarted by the hands of a mere nurse, she could not dissolve her anger. Just when she had taken matters into her own hands!

Without mentioning other incidents, she had already revealed a personal shortcoming due to the fact that she could not distinguish the authenticity of gems!

Someone was bound to use this against her the next time she mentioned managing the Yu Family villa.

She had worked so hard just to step on her own foot!

"Madam, I really didn't know. Nian Xiaomu was frequently truant when she was still in school and was very secretive all the time, as if she was doing some shady business. I never thought that she had such an incredible stroke of luck and managed to get away from this offense," Fang Zhenyi explained anxiously. As soon as she opened her mouth, the wound at the corner of her mouth tore. She sucked in her breath painfully.

Cheng Xiulu's slap was so rough that the corner of her mouth bled.

"Don't know, don't know. Other than saying this, what else do you know?" Cheng Xiulu slapped the sofa, and her face turned ashen. "I put in so much effort and gave you so much money just so you could enter the Yu Family villaI did not do all of this for you to say that you don't know!"


"You couldn't even settle a punk, let alone get close to Yu Yuehan. You still have the nerve to call yourself the 'Top Nurse!'" Cheng Xiulu grew increasingly angry as she rambled on.

She had bribed Fang Zhenyi at that time because she had heard about her popularity in the industry.

This was so that Fang Zhenyi could do things on her behalf.

Yet, a woman who appeared out of the blue was now enough to completely defeat Fang Zhenyi.

Never mind about Yu Yuehan siding with that woman, but it was also the same for Xiao Liuliu now!

At this rate, Fang Zhenyi would certainly be the one who got chased out of the Yu Family!

"Madam, Young Master Han and Little Miss were both deceived by Nian Xiaomu; no man would be able to resist that face of hers. It is as if she used a charmnot only did she sweep Young Master Han off his feet, but even Little Miss was so smitten by her. I couldn't find the opportunity to perform at all."

At the mention of Nian Xiaomu, Fang Zhenyi gritted her teeth in hate.

Her chance to shine when she was in school was taken away just because of the appearance of Nian Xiaomu.

Now that she had finally made it into the Yu Family, Nian Xiaomu was the one who blocked her path yet again!

Fang Zhenyi's eyes glimmered, and her smile turned sly.

"But Madam, you can be assured. Young Master Han already has his suspicions about Nian Xiaomuhe had specially instructed the butler to assign me to a new job, which is to spy on Nian Xiaomu. As long as I grasp the information that can be used against her, she will be ousted out of the Yu Family in no time!"

"You will get it if you do not perform again this time around!" Cheng Xiulu warned with a deep voice.

After Fang Zhenyi guaranteed repeatedly, Cheng Xiulu finally waved her hands haughtily and said, "Go retrieve some ice and apply it to your face. To avoid suspicions, only return when the bump is not obvious."

"Yes." Fang Zhenyi bowed respectfully, turned, and headed out.

The look in her eyes turned sinister the moment she exited the room.

Her teeth nearly shattered from all the gritting. She covered her red, swollen face and looked back at the door.

Cheng Xiulu really thought that she was the master of the Yu Family just because she had some wealth and yelled orders around.

Fang Zhenyi would never serve people like her if not for the fact that she could help Fang Zhenyi stay in the Yu Family and allow her to have the chance to see Young Master Han everyday.

She would certainly return the slap from today after she had Nian Xiaomu ousted and proved herself to Young Master Han!

Fang Zhenyi narrowed her eyes and only left the small courtyard after she had hidden all her thoughts.

Just when she reached the entrance of the Yu villa, she bumped into Yu Yuehan, who was heading out...