The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 521

Chapter 521 You Are My Everlasting Love 9

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Tang Yuansi grabbed her finger with force as he stared back at her with an expression that she could read, but did not wish to read.

Shangxin wanted to withdraw her hand, but Tang Yuansi would not let go.

The look on his face became harsher as he demanded through gritted teeth, “Take back your words!”

“No!” Shangxin wanted to fling his hand away, but Tang Yuansi was very strong beneath his lean figure.

The force that she was exerting felt more like a tickle to him.

Then, her whole body was pressed down on the sofa.

Her svelte body laid against the sofa while his feverishly hot body was in front of her.

“I will say it one more time—take your words back!” His voice was filled with displeasure and intimidation.

“I won’t! I… Mmm!”

Shangxin’s lips were sealed by Tang Yuansi, who started kissing her like he was punishing her and did so without any warmth or affection.

“Didn’t you say that you didn’t mind spending one more night with me? What are you afraid of now?” taunted Tang Yuansi when Shangxin tried to push him away.


Her body stiffened.

Shangxin looked up and stared at him.

The two pairs of eyes met, and both of them refused to be the first to give in.

The mood in the air started to become strange.

Shangxin wriggled uneasily and tried to escape from Tang Yuansi’s arms, but he scooped her up and carried her toward the bed.

After throwing her onto the bed, he pressed his lips against hers and started a night of hot passion.

Yu Family villa.

Under the night sky, the lights shone so brightly that it was as if it were daytime.

Yu Yuehan led Nian Xiaomu directly to the study room.

The assistant was already waiting at the entrance. Standing next to him was a middle-aged man whom Nian Xiaomu had never met before.

He had a pair of sharp and alert eyes while his face was covered with a full beard.

Clad in a gray and white coat and hat, he covered himself fully.

When the two men saw Yu Yuehan, they instantly turned and greeted, “Young Master!”

Without speaking a word, Yu Yuehan held Nian Xiaomu’s hand and entered the study room. After sitting down at the desk, he drew Nian Xiaomu into his arms.

Then, he turned to the assistant and asked, “Have you found that woman?”

Hearing his words, Nian Xiaomu’s nerves tightened as she started panicking like an ant on hot bricks.

On the way home, she had tried to find a chance to confess to Yu Yuehan.

However, whenever she brought up the topic of Xiao Liuliu’s mother, Yu Yuehan would assume that she was acting jealous and insecure and would not let her talk.

Instead, he would kiss and hug her.

When she insisted on discussing the topic, he almost wanted to do the deed with her in the car to prove that she was the only one in his heart…

Nian Xiaomu had absolutely no chance to tell him the truth.

Upon hearing the question he had asked the assistant, Nian Xiaomu’s heart felt like it was going to explode!

“We found a photograph from back then!” The assistant cued for the private investigator standing next to him to take out the photograph from his pocket.

The private investigator walked forward and passed it to Yu Yuehan.

Hearing that they had found a photograph of her, Nian Xiaomu was so shocked that she almost fell off Yu Yuehan’s lap!

After steadying herself properly, she leaned over to take a peek at the photograph when it was handed to Yu Yuehan.

“What are you anxious about? Sit down.”

Yu Yuehan thought that Nian Xiaomu was reacting this way because she was troubled by the existence of Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother. He patted her little head and hugged her in his arms.

Taking the photograph from the private investigator, Yu Yuehan took a look at it and narrowed his eyes.

It was unclear if he was angry or not.

“Let me see!” Seeing that something was not right with the expression on his face, Nian Xiaomu snatched the photograph from him and took a look too.

When she saw the figure in the photograph, Nian Xiaomu was stupefied as well.