The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 527

Chapter 527 Oriental Or Western 5

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As the thread snapped, the round pearls fell all over the floor…

Wen Yadai let go of the broken necklace and slowly took out her cell phone from her pocket to make a phone call.

When the call was picked up, she instructed over the phone, “I have a very important piece of information. I want to see Master Han!”

The Yu Corporation.

A car stopped outside of the towering skyscraper.

Wen Yadai put on her sunglasses, then took out a mirror to check her appearance.

When she was satisfied with the way she looked, she reached out and opened the car door.

With a bag slung over her shoulders, she walked straight into the building.

This used to a place she was familiar with.

Without the need to ask for directions, she could easily find her way to the president’s private elevator.

When the people in the lobby saw her appear in the building, many of them looked on in bewilderment.

Everyone was well-aware that Wen Yadai had been personally sacked by Yu Yuehan.

He had even ordered her never to step into the Yu Corporation or the Yu Family villa again.

This was as good as cutting her off from the Yu Family.

Who would have guessed that she would have the gall to appear and even enter…

Seeing everyone’s eyes were on her, Wen Yadai relived the feeling of being the center of attention.

Adjusting the sunglasses on her face, she coolly entered the elevator.


The elevator stopped on the floor of the president’s office.

The assistant was already waiting at the elevator door for her. When he saw her, he gestured to her and said, “Master Han is waiting for you in the office. This way please, Miss Wen.”

Upon hearing that Yu Yuehan was waiting for her, Wen Yadai’s spirits were lifted immediately.

They hadn’t seen each other in such a long time. Perhaps he was not angry anymore.

If he were to forgive her, her father would not insist on sending her overseas.

The door to the president’s office opened.

The assistant entered first and walked straight to the desk. “Master Han, Miss Wen is here.”

“Master Han…”

When Wen Yadai saw Yu Yuehan, she could not help but stare.

Walking forward without hesitation, she looked intently at him.

He was still so aloof and distinguished. Anyone who stood before him and looked him in the eye would be too frightened to speak.

He was so elegant and godly.

He was supposed to be hers…

It was all because of Nian Xiaomu!

A streak of sinister light flickered past Wen Yadai’s face.

Very quickly, she calmed herself down.

She wasn’t here to seek revenge today. She had more important matters to handle…

“You should know why I would be willing to meet you.” Yu Yuehan put down the document in his hand and looked up slowly. His eyes swept past Wen Yadai, who was standing in front of him, and his expression was cold and penetrating.

“You have only one chance. If you were to tell any lies, I will not only get back at you, but the entire Wen Family!”

Wen Yadai’s body trembled all over!

In the past, if she were to hear that Yu Yuehan might pick on the Wen Family, she would not dare to try anything funny.

However, things had changed.

She had nothing left. Even her father had abandoned her. What did she have to lose?

Clenching her fists, Wen Yadai stepped forward.

“I’m telling the truth. I know who Xiao Liuliu’s mother is. If you give me 10 million yuan, I’ll bring her to you right away!”

10 million yuan was enough for her to start a new life overseas.

Even if Master Han took revenge on the Wen Family in the future, what would it matter to her?

It was every man for himself!

They had forced her into this!

“Why should I believe you without any proof?” Yu Yuehan maintained an indifferent expression as he answered coolly.