The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 528

Chapter 528 Oriental Or Western 6

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“Everything that I have said is the truth. Believe me, Young Master Han, I would never dare to lie to you even if I had ten times the guts!” Wen Yadai’s gaze grew urgent as she propped both her hands up on Yu Yuehan’s office desk.

When she saw that Yu Yuehan did not believe her words, she blabbered out the things that she had prepared long beforehand.

“I didn’t believe what that woman had said previously, but I’ve seen her behaving suspiciously outside the Yu Family villa a couple of times and hence stopped her. I only knew after asking that she missed Xiao Liuliu after leaving her with you. As a result, she would sneakily head to the Yu Family villa to look for her daughter whenever there was a chance.”

Wen Yadai paused in her words, but saw that Yu Yuehan was only staring at her coldly.

It seemed like he wasn’t sure whether he should believe her.

She continued speaking when she saw that he did not interrupt her.

“I didn’t believe all of this in the beginning either. However, that woman has a DNA report of herself and Xiao Liuliu. I’ve seen it, and Xiao Liuliu is indeed her biological daughter…”

As Wen Yadai lifted her head up carefully and looked at Yu Yuehan, she suddenly sobbed.

She stared at him pitifully.

“I know, I know that I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and it makes sense for you to not believe me. However, I’ve already learned my lesson. The Wen Family’s business was implicated because of me and is steadily deteriorating—I feel really guilty when I hear my dad sighing every day. As such, the reason why I revealed the truth was because I simply want a sum of money to save the Wen Family’s business—I really am not a swindler!”

Wen Yadai knelt down in front of him as she spoke.

As she crawled toward him, she reached out and grabbed onto the hems of Yu Yuehan’s trousers.

She spoke in a tearful voice.

“Young Master Han, we grew up together and I once saved you. Please take all of this into account and trust me this time.”

“…” Yu Yuehan did not express any comments as he looked at Wen Yadai, who was crying vigorously.

He cast a sidelong glance at his assistant.

The assistant understood his gesture immediately; he exited the president’s office and instructed his men to check on the Wen Family’s current business situation.

They got a reply shortly after.

He walked over to Yu Yuehan swiftly and nodded his head lightly.

The things that Wen Yadai had said were not purely lies.

The Wen Family’s business had indeed fallen into difficulty after she had been fired by the Yu Corporation.

Even though President Wen had tried very hard to avert the desperate crisis, he couldn’t battle the pragmatic people in the business industry.

Everyone knew that the Wen Family had offended the Yu Corporation.

At this point in time, no one would take the risk and help the Wen Family. Even though the Wen Family was unlikely to go so far as to declare bankruptcy, it was still in imminent danger!

It was no wonder that Wen Yadai would look for Yu Yuehan in such a rush and wanted to exchange her news source for money.

However, it wasn’t guaranteed that she would pump the money into the Wen Family’s business.

Apart from collecting information on the Wen Family’s current financial situation, he had also heard of some other news.

He heard that President Wen had already fetched the son whom he had raised outside back home—Wen Yadai might not be living such a good life at home.

It was very difficult to determine if she would render good for evil and be so kind as to take the Wen Family into regard…

“Where is that woman then?” Yu Yuehan opened his thin lips and spoke with a pause after every word.

“This…” Wen Yadai’s eyes flickered as she gritted her teeth. She seemed to be worried that Yu Yuehan would not give her the money after he had met the woman.

“She’s worried that Young Master Han would not let her off and refused to come with me no matter what. I took great pains before I finally managed to pacify her. I will bring you to her immediately as long as you’re willing to give me the money!”

Yu Yuehan’s lips curled up into a mocking smile when he heard what she said.

Reaching his hands out slowly, he flung her hand off his arm and asked, “Wen Yadai, do you think that I would give you 10 million yuan just by depending on the work that your mouth does?”