The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 529

Chapter 529 Chinese Or Western Style 7

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Wen Yadai: “…”

“Sure, I can give you the money. When you think it through carefully, bring that person here or let me know where she is. Once we confirm that this woman is Xiao Liuliu’s mother, I will give you every single cent you ask for.”

Yu Yuehan looked away and sat down on his seat.

Hearing this, Wen Yadai’s lips quivered as she tried to say something, but she bit her tongue and held it in.

She merely looked up at him, yet Yu Yuehan did not even want to see her. He coolly said, “Go back and think about it. Let me know your answer.”


Knowing that Yu Yuehan would not trust her so easily, Wen Yadai clenched her fists and crawled up from the floor.

She gave him one final look before turning to leave.

As soon as she left, the assistant rushed forward and asked, “Master Han, can we trust Wen Yadai’s words?”

They had been investigating this matter for such a long time, but Wen Yadai had actually found the woman first.

If she was not lying, then she must have hit the jackpot.

“Send someone to follow her, and we will know soon,” Yu Yuehan looked up and answered indifferently.

A sinister light flickered past his eyes.

Wen Yadai had better be telling the truth. Otherwise, she would only live to regret it!

The assistant regained his composure and replied, “I’ll work on it now!”

Wen Yadai walked out of the Yu Corporation.

Standing by the road, she turned around to look at the skyscraper, clenching her fists in indignation.

Everything here that had belonged to her was gone.

Now, Yu Yuehan did not believe a single word that she said anymore.

To him, 10 million yuan was nothing at all.

However, he was so vigilant toward her that he would not give her the money without seeing the person and checking that person’s identity!

Since he was so heartless, she would be the same!

After the two lessons learned, Wen Yadai exercised extra caution this time. Heading straight back to the Wen Family villa, she did not go anywhere else after leaving the Yu Corporation.

The butler of the Wen Family had already packed her luggage for her. It was a matter of time before settling the administrative details and sending her away.

Wen Yadai’s eyes narrowed when she realized that she did not have much time left.

She had to get ahold of the money before leaving!

Picking up the phone after making sure that no one else was in her room, she walked to the balcony and dialed a number.

“Listen, follow my instructions tomorrow…”

The afternoon of the next day.

Nian Xiaomu had clocked out of work earlier than usual and went to pick up Xiao Liuliu from kindergarten without waiting for Yu Yuehan, who was still in a meeting.

As the car stopped outside the school, Nian Xiaomu pushed the door open and got out. As she was walking toward the entrance of the kindergarten, Xiao Liuliu caught sight of her and ran excitedly toward her.

“Pretty Mommy!” Xiao Liuliu called out as she threw herself into Nian Xiaomu’s arms.

“Go slowly! Be careful not to trip!” Nian Xiaomu reached out to give her a hug and lowered her head to plant a kiss on Xiao Liuliu’s forehead.

This was her biological daughter and part of her flesh.

Nian Xiaomu wished she could give her heart to Xiao Liuliu.

Just as she was about to ask Xiao Liuliu to call her “Mommy,” a woman suddenly dashed out from the crowd and pounced on them.

Nian Xiaomu instinctively tried to carry Xiao Liuliu away from her, but she was pushed aside and fell forward.

Then, Xiao Liuliu was snatched away from her by the woman who had crashed into them!

“Xiao Liuliu!” Nian Xiaomu cried out as the bodyguards next to her swarmed over and surrounded the woman who was holding Xiao Liuliu hostage.

However, Xiao Liuliu was in her hands, so the bodyguards did not dare to move closer.