The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 530

Chapter 530 Chinese Or Western Style 8

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“What do you want? Return the child to me. I’ll give you anything you want!” Nian Xiaomu anxiously inched forward, but the woman retreated with Xiao Liuliu in her arms.

When the woman looked up, Nian Xiaomu was shocked to see her face.

This woman looked a lot like Nian Xiaomu…

Be it her face or her figure…

No, not the same.

At first glance, they looked alike. However, upon closer inspection, they were completely different.

Who was she?

Why did she snatch Xiao Liuliu?

Nian Xiaomu’s head was flooded with questions in that instant.

Before she said anything, the woman suddenly lowered her head to look at Xiao Liuliu, who was in her arms.

“Xiao Liuliu, my Xiao Liuliu! I am Mommy! Look at me, I am your mommy!”


When the bodyguards saw this scene, they were all shocked.

Nian Xiaom’s eyes narrowed!

If she did not already know that Xiao Liuliu was her biological daughter, Nian Xiaomu might have been just as stunned as the rest and unsure how to react.

However, Tan Bengbeng had confirmed the DNA results between Nian Xiaomu and Xiao Liuliu. The report was in her room, and she had looked at it countless times.

No one knew better than Nian Xiaomu who Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother was!

Hearing the woman’s words made Nian Xiaomu’s anxious heart calm down instead.

Waving the bodyguards away, Nian Xiaomu stepped forward.

Seeing that Xiao Liuliu was shocked and trapped in a daze, Nian Xiaomu maintained her composure and looked up at the woman.

“You’re scaring Xiao Liuliu. Who are you? What do you want? You can talk to me. Let’s have a good discussion. First, put Xiao Liuliu down…”

“I don’t want anything! I just want my daughter!” Appearing to be provoked by Nian Xiaomu’s words, the woman carried Xiao Liuliu and took a few steps back.

Seeing that she was surrounded, she cried out, “Where’s Master Han? I want to see him!”

“You need to calm down! You can see anyone you like. Don’t get agitated. Take care of Xiao Liuliu!” Nian Xiaomu could not bear to see Xiao Liuliu trapped in that woman’s arms and wished she could rush forward to snatch Xiao Liuliu back from her.

However, for Xiao Liuliu’s safety, she had to stay in control of the situation.

Hearing that the woman wanted to see Yu Yuehan, Nian Xiaomu instructed the bodyguards to contact him while she continued to appease the woman.

“We have called Master Han. There are too many people here. Why don’t you follow me back? You can say what you want to say when we reach the Yu Family villa.”


“When you get to the Yu Family villa, you can see Master Han!”

Hearing that she could meet Yu Yuehan, the woman finally calmed down, but refused to let go of Xiao Liuliu.

When the bodyguards drove the car over, the woman cautiously held onto Xiao Liuliu and refused to let anyone come near her as she entered the car.

Perhaps it was because she looked quite similar to Nian Xiaomu or maybe it was because she had claimed to be Xiao Liuliu’s mother, but Xiao Liuliu stopped crying after a short while. She sat quietly in the woman’s arms and tilted her head to look at the woman.

Her pale face was filled with fear.

She only calmed down after she saw Nian Xiaomu subsequently get into the car.

Blinking her big, round eyes at Nian Xiaomu, she pleaded with Nian Xiaomu to carry her.

Nian Xiaomu’s heart ached badly as she comforted Xiao Liuliu, “Don’t be afraid, Xiao Liuliu. We will arrive home soon.”

Very quickly, the car left the kindergarten and headed back to the Yu Family villa.

In the crowd, Wen Yadai had watched the entire scene unfold while standing in an obscure corner. As she walked out of the shadows, her lips curled upward into a sinister smile.