The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 533

Chapter 533 The Truth I Am The Biological Mother 1

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“Dream on!” Yu Yuehan said without any hesitation.

He didn’t believe that the woman before him was Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother; even if she was, he would never allow her to take Xiao Liuliu away from him!

Yu Yuehan took a step forward. With his distinguished aura, he seemed like the ruler of the entire world.

“Do you think that you can take Xiao Liuliu away from me with just a DNA report?”


Xiao Wei retreated a step back in fear when she heard what he said.

When Wen Yadai sought her out to put on this act, Wen Yadai had not told her that the person that they were about to swindle had such a distinguished status.

If she had known earlier that Yu Yuehan was the target, she would not have dared to come even if she were given tons of money.

However, it was impossible to stop halfway now.

If the act failed, Yu Yuehan surely would not let her off when he discovered that someone had pretended to be his daughter’s mother. Forget about Wen Yadai giving her even a single cent!

She needed money, tons of money.

She needed to escape to a faraway place before the plot was exposed!

Xiao Wei swallowed her saliva forcefully.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to give my daughter back to me. Give me a sum of money then. After all, Xiao Liuliu is my biological daughter. I took such great pains to give birth to her, so I ought to be recognized for my efforts. I’ll leave immediately for a faraway place as long as you give me 20 million yuan and will never appear in front of you again!”

Wen Yadai had wanted Xiao Wei to ask for 10 million yuan. However, that 10 million yuan was meant for Wen Yadai herself.

What about her share?

Since Xiao Wei had already made it to this stage, she braced herself and decided to just ask for more.

This tiny sum of money wasn’t significant to the Yu Family anyway.

“I know that you are about to get married to another woman and that you would surely not want people to know that Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother had come looking for you. As long as you give me this sum of money, I can assure you that I will not tell anyone about this!”

Xiao Wei looked at Yu Yuehan anxiously as she said this.

Since he was so rich, he would certainly agree to solve a problem by simply spending a little money, right?

The corners of Yu Yuehan’s lips curved up when he met her eager gaze.

One could clearly feel a hint of chill when they saw the light smirk on his curled lips.

“What can a DNA report prove? For reports like this, I can have as many as I want. Do you think that you can dig out 20 million yuan from me by simply bringing over a useless piece of paper?”


“If you want money, sure. Stay in the Yu Family villa and wait until I verify that the DNA report you have brought is authentic. I’ll definitely pay you after that.”

When Yu Yuehan was done talking, he turned around and gestured for the assistant to send the DNA report for verification.

Xiao Wei panicked the moment the assistant took the report.

“Stay right there! Don’t you try to cheat me! You’re trying to stall for time. You don’t want to give me money in the first place, right?”


As Xiao Wei reached out swiftly to take out her cell phone, her facial expression turned malevolent, and she threatened, “I can’t even wait for a minute. Either you give me the money right away or I’ll make a call to the reporters now and tell them that I’m Xiao Liuliu’s mother!”

“You are about to get married soon—if the reporters suddenly learn about what happened between you and me, it would only result in others thinking that you had forsaken me after using me. As for Xiao Liuliu, how would she face the rumors and slander as she grew up? It’s only 20 million yuan. This amount is basically nothing to you.”

“…” Yu Yuehan lifted his hand up and gestured for his assistant to stop when he saw that she was really going to make the phone call.

He didn’t care about other things, but he could not allow Xiao Liuliu’s life to have a single stain.

Even though he did not believe this woman, he had not been able to find Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother. What if she really was…

As Yu Yuehan collected his gaze, the ray of light behind his eyes grew grim.