The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 535

Chapter 535 The Truth I Am The Biological Mother 3

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“Seems like your blood type is not A.” Nian Xiaomu raised her eyebrow when she noticed that Xiao Wei turned to check with Wen Yadai whenever she was asked a question.

It was obvious that Wen Yadai had a part to play in the drama today!

Xiao Wei did not know how to answer the question, but perked up when she thought that Nian Xiaomu had accidentally revealed Xiao Liuliu’s blood type!

“My blood type is A! Same as Xiao Liuliu!

Hearing this, Yu Yuehan’s eyes narrowed!

Xiao Liuliu’s blood type wasn’t A. It was B!

Although Nian Xiaomu had tricked Xiao Wei, it was true that Xiao Liuliu’s blood type was not the same as his. Xiao Liuliu’s blood type was the same as her mother’s.

If Xiao Wei’s blood type was A, then she couldn’t be Xiao Liuliu’s mother!

Nian Xiaomu had not noticed Yu Yuehan’s expression. Seeing that Xiao Wei was still trying to bluff her way through, Nian Xiaomu narrowed her eyes as she looked at her.

“If you still insist that you are Xiao Liuliu’s mother, then let me ask you how you got pregnant with Xiao Liuliu. Surely you did not impregnate yourself on your own? Do you think you are a hermaphrodite?”

Seeing that Xiao Wei was at a loss for words after hearing her question, Nian Xiaomu tossed a “hmph” at her.

Even she did not know how she had conceived Xiao Liuliu. There was no way this impostor would have an answer!

“I… I was drunk… I don’t remember how it happened. I only know that after that night, I was pregnant with Xiao Liuliu… Then, after Xiao Liuliu was born, although I wanted to raise her on my own, I could not bear to let her suffer with me, so… so I found a chance to send her to the Yu Corporation…”

Xiao Wei continued to make mistakes when she was bombarded with questions by Nian Xiaomu.

Unable to use any of the scripted answers, Xiao Wei started to panic and sound incoherent.

“Nonsense!” Stepping forward, Nian Xiaomu pointed at Xiao Wei’s flustered face. “When you saw Yu Yuehan at the door, the look on your face was odd. You’ve obviously never met him before! That was why you looked so awestruck. You’ve definitely never slept with him before!”

Nian Xiaomu’s direct rebuttal stunned everyone, especially Wen Yadai.

She did not think that Nian Xiaomu could stay so rational after seeing Xiao Wei.

Even more unthinkable was how Nian Xiaomu could react so calmly after hearing that her fiance had slept with another woman before.

Wouldn’t a normal woman be heartbroken by this twist of events and demand a reasonable explanation from Yu Yuehan?

The best outcome from this would be them breaking up—that would make her efforts worthwhile!

However, what was happening right now?

Not only did Nian Xiaomu stay steadfast in her trust in Yu Yuehan, she was driving Xiao Wei into a corner.

Xiao Wei was an impostor. She could not handle the questioning from Nian Xiaomu.

In a sudden state of panic, Xiao Wei gritted her teeth and hollered at Nian Xiaomu, “I am Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother whether you believe it or not. What proof do you have that I’m not? You’re obviously jealous of me…”

“Damn it! I’m the one jealous of your low IQ and thick skin?!” Seeing that Xiao Wei was so bold and still clinging to her lies, Nian Xiaomu was so infuriated that she almost spat at Xiao Wei.

“Very well. You want proof right?”

Nian Xiaomu lifted her head slightly and swept a glance at everyone throughout the room. Then, staring straight back at Xiao Wei, she enunciated every word slowly and clearly while stating, “I am the proof. I am Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother!”