The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 537

Chapter 537 The Truth I Am The Biological Mother 5

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“You do not have to say anything, but in the event that you do say anything, anything you say will be used as evidence in court.”


Never had Wen Yadai expected that the police would have such high efficiency or that they would actually be so quick to investigate her.

She hadn’t gotten the money yet.

She didn’t have the time to make a run for it.

No, she was still so young. She could not go to jail…

As Wen Yadai stared at the people before her and continued retreating backward, the color on her face bled away bit by bit…

When she regained her composure, she suddenly turned around and took off!

However, her speed was definitely not comparable to the police; she was pinned to the ground after she had taken merely two steps away.

She waged a final struggle in her sorry state.

“It wasn’t me—you guys must be mistaken. What kidnapping case? It has nothing to do with me, nothing to do with me… Young Master Han, save me. You said that you wouldn’t simply watch as I perish. They will surely believe you as long as you tell them that I am not the one…”

Dirt covered Wen Yadai’s body. In addition, because she had struggled just now, her face was also stained with mud, and her entire body was covered in soil.

However, she was still concerned about Yu Yuehan being indebted to her because she had once saved his life.

With all her might, she reached her hands out toward him… and crawled in his direction!

However, Yu Yuehan only took a cold glance at her. There wasn’t a single bit of warmth in his eyes.

She released her grip gradually.

Bit by bit, the rays of light within her eyes died out…

She watched helplessly as she was about to be brought away by the police.

“Wait!” Yu Yuehan’s indifferent voice sounded suddenly.

Just like a drowning person who was holding onto her last live-saving straw, Wen Yadai looked at him with eyes full of hope when she heard his voice.

She watched as he strolled toward her.

She felt a swarm of joy filling her heart…

He still cared about her after all!

They had grown up together, and she even saved his life once; he wouldn’t simply watch as she got arrested.

He was here to save her!

Wen Yadai cried tears of joy. However, at the very next second, she saw that he had stopped in his tracks a meter away from her.

He took a glance at her and eventually looked at the police officers who were subduing Wen Yadai.

“Apart from the paid kidnapping case, I would also like to press charges against Wen Yadai for instigating the abduction of my daughter and attempting to blackmail me!”

Everyone need to be responsible for all the things that they have done.

He took into account the fact that he was indebted to Wen Yadai for once saving his life and had already let her off once.

However, she was impenitent, and her shortcomings had instead become more overt.

And now, it was time for her to bear the consequences of all her misdeeds!


The smile on Wen Yadai’s face froze immediately when she heard what he had said.

For a long while, she stared at Yu Yuehan in shock with her mouth widely agape.

Paying for a kidnapping, instigating another kidnapping, and attempted blackmail…

Every one of those charges was a felony.

There would be a minimum sentence of 20 years if the criminal charges were proven.

This lifetime of hers was over…

Wen Yadai’s body went limp as she sat paralyzed on the ground.

Just like Xiao Wei, she was carried out of the Yu Family villa.

The most severe legal punishments would await them!

After Wen Yadai and Xiao Wei were brought away, the chaotic courtyard suddenly fell quiet.

Yu Yuehan seemed to have thought of something as he turned around and shifted his gaze over to Nian Xiaomu, who was standing at the entrance.

An orange ray of light covered her slender body under the sunset. It was just like a miniature sun exuding warmth.

At this moment, she totally wasn’t concerned about whatever had become of Wen Yadai.

She only placed all her focus on hugging Xiao Liuliu as she coaxed her gently.

With one hand tucked in his pocket, Yu Yuehan strolled toward her. Just when he got near the pair of them, he heard her mutter softly, “Xiao Liuliu, don’t be afraid, Mommy is here. With Mommy around, I will accompany you forever and protect you just like how I did now…”