The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 543

Chapter 543 High Energy Ahead He Had Discovered It 1

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As Yu Yuehan picked up the drawing from the table again and took another look at it, his gaze landed on Nian Xiaomu’s nervous looking face. He placed the sketch down gently once more.

“She might just be a crazy female suitor.”

Nian Xiaomu: “???”

“I was considered a rookie in the business industry because I had only taken over the Yu Corporation for a few years. At that time, I attended a business conference in another city and met this very strange girl one night…”

Yu Yuehan seemed to have thought of something and frowned.

He did not mentioned anything much about that girl and simply skated over that topic. Then, he pinched Nian Xiaomu’s face.

“After a few things happened, she requested a tiny favor from me and even said that she wanted to give me presents. Afterward, I received a letter the next day when I returned to City H, and this drawing was in the letter.

He had merely taken it as a prank from a young lady and had forgotten about this matter after he casually placed the sketch in his desk drawer.

He wouldn’t have thought of this incident if she hadn’t asked about it today.

“Then, did the both of you still contact each other after the conference ended?” Nian Xiaomu asked with curiosity.

“Are you jealous?” When Yu Yuehan heard what she said, he cushioned the back of her head with both of his hands as he lowered his gaze and looked at her. Copying the cocky look that she usually put on, he opened his thin lips lightly and said, “Nian Xiaomu, your fiance is a heartthrob. Jealousy would be like a sea of water flooding you if you become jealous over such a matter.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

Bloody thick-skinned!

Nian Xiaomu: “Did you really not have any ex-girlfriends?”

Yu Yuehan: “No.”

Nian Xiaomu: “Was there any goddess that you had held a torch for?”

“…” Yu Yuehan cast a glance at her and did not speak.

Nian Xiaomu panicked instantly!

Strangling his neck with both of her hands, she threatened him viciously and said, “Make yourself clear!”

“Yes, I once did.” Even though she was strangling Yu Yuehan’s neck, his facial expression remained calm. As he stared at her with a burning gaze, he spoke with a pause after every word and continued, “But I’ve managed to make her mine, and she has become the mother of my daughter now.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

It’s over, it’s over! The iceberg had changed.

He had changed to become more and more… irresistible!

Yu Yuehan struck while the iron was still hot. Seeing that she was touched, he pressed her against the desk and said, “Nian Xiaomu, it’s getting late. You can sleep now.”

After he finished his sentence, he used his lips to keep her silent.

He decided to appease the little white rabbit first before eating her up, bit by bit…

It was rare that Nian Xiaomu was exceptionally obedient today.

She even took the initiative and clung onto his neck, hoping to get more of him…

The temperature in the study room soared.

Yu Yuehan’s big hands slid up and down her waist; his fingertips seemed to carry a wave of electric current as he caressed her bare back. Nian Xiaomu shivered all over instantly!

She tightened her grip on his shoulder.

Her fingernails were on the verge of piercing into his flesh.

Yu Yuehan stared at her blushing face with satisfaction; he loved her aroused and flirtatious self so much that he couldn’t bear to part with it.

He was about to undo the buttons on her blouse with his long fingers. At that moment, when he had just made contact with her chest, Nian Xiaomu suddenly held his hand. In an instant, all the dainty and charming looks that she had put on just now disappeared without a trace.

Cheekiness was the only thing that remained in her pair of animated eyes.

When she met his lustful gaze, she patted his handsome face with her tiny hands and said, “I suddenly remembered that my period is here today. And so… you know.”

Yu Yuehan: “…!!”

He was dumbfounded. Tilting her head, Nian Xiaomu squirmed out from his armpit and sprinted away.

She thought of something when she reached the entrance and paused in her steps.

Turning around, she glanced back at the dazed looking man who was seated in the chair and left some words for him.

“I’ll be carrying Xiao Liuliu out. Take it easy tonight. Having too long of a cold shower or stuff like that might leave you with the flu!”