The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 544

Chapter 544 High Energy Ahead He Had Discovered It 2

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Nian Xiaomu cuddled with Xiao Liuliu in her arms and slept until daybreak.

On the other side, there was an abandoned man who tossed and turned through the night, but could not fall asleep.

The sky was still dark when he sat up and turned to check the alarm clock next to his bed.

Damn it, why was it only 1 AM?

Without her by his side, time seemed to have stopped.

Tossing the blanket to the side, Yu Yuehan put on his slippers and walked toward the counter of the bar.

Then, he opened the wine cupboard and poured a glass of red wine for himself.

After finishing it in one shot, he poured another glass of wine.

One person, one bottle of wine, one crescent in the sky.

By the time he was done, an hour had passed.

He finally felt a bit tipsy and went back to bed to sleep.

However, after a long while, he still couldn’t fall asleep.

Without someone in his arms, it just didn’t feel right…

He had been living on his own for so many years and thought he had been used to it.

Now, his habits had changed so quickly in the short time that she had been with him…

He had never experienced such a sense of loss. It felt like there was a missing piece in his heart.

However, when he thought of how she had smugly made her escape today, his lips curled upward.

Forget it. Since she was so pleased with herself, he would let her be.

He would get her back tomorrow.

Yu Yuehan shut his eyes and willed himself to fall asleep.

After a while, he woke up again.

The look on his face was exceptionally dark and sinister due to a poor night of sleep.

His whole presence gave off strong signals to others to keep clear of him.

When he turned to look out the window, he saw that the sky had lit up.

Outside the window, the winter sun was shining warmly, melting the snow on the tree branches.

It was very good weather, but his mood was extremely bad.

After holding it in for a whole night, he could not hold it in anymore.

He put on a jacket and headed downstairs to drag the person who had run away last night back to his room to have some proper sleeping time with him.

As soon as he reached the living room, he saw his assistant hurriedly walking in from outside.

Once his assistant saw him, he quickly stepped forward.

“What’s the outcome?” asked Yu Yuehan as he stopped in his tracks for a short moment. Then, he walked over to the living room and sat down on the sofa.

The assistant answered, “Just like we expected, the DNA report that Xiao Wei showed us was fabricated. She is totally unrelated to Little Miss. Wen Yadai had paid her to pretend to be Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother so that she could extort money from you.”

The assistant paused and continued, “On top of the kidnapping and extortion, the investigation also revealed one more case. Remember Zhang Qi, the B-grade celebrity whose contract got terminated after she clashed with Miss Nian at an event? Wen Yadai had transferred money into her account as well. It seems like the Zhang Qi incident had everything to do with Wen Yadai.”

One by one, Wen Yadai’s crimes were uncovered.

Yu Yuehan’s tolerance for her misdeeds had reached its limit.

“Leave it to the police to handle it. Let the court decide what jail sentence she will get. If more evidence is required, get the lawyer to submit it.”

“Yes, Young Master!” The assistant bowed respectfully. When he thought of something else, he added, “Since Xiao Wei isn’t the mother of Little Miss, should we continue to look into this matter?”


Yu Yuehan did not speak for a few seconds.

The words that Nian Xiaomu had said the day before flashed past his mind.

How wonderful it would be if she was really his daughter’s biological mother and hadn’t told a lie to save Xiao Liuliu.

Narrowing his eyes, he answered, “Continue to investigate!”

The assistant left quickly.

Yu Yuehan sat in the living room for a while before walking over to Xiao Liuliu’s room.

Pushing the door open, he planned to wake up the mother and daughter pair.