The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 546

Chapter 546 High Energy Ahead He Had Discovered It 4

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“Sigh, next time, when I see a woman’s boyfriend gifting her roses, I shall just silently imagine that person to be him in my heart…”

The more Yu Yuehan read the later entries, the more amiss he felt.

Why did the later entries turn out to be so heart wrenching when she was still recording her blissfulness in the earlier ones…?

All he wanted to do now was to bring her before him and tell her properly that she had actually missed something. It was all because she had dozed off during the movie that day!

Yu Yuehan grasped the diary in his hands tightly.

He continued flipping to the front.

He didn’t believe that he hadn’t once touched her heart.

During the day of his confession, didn’t she feel that the 52 rose lights on a ground full of snow was a romantic act?

Yu Yuehan kept on flipping forward. However, he did not see a diary entry about the confession even after he had flipped through the very last page.

And so, in her eyes, his confession was so bad that it wasn’t even qualified to be in her diary?

His face darkened bit by bit.

Now, he only wanted to bring her over to give her a good beating!

Yu Yuehan threw the diary onto the table. Just when he was about to get up, he suddenly noticed that an envelope had dropped out of her diary.

Stunned, he reached out and picked up the envelope.

Just when he was about to put it back, he realized that a DNA test report was inside.

He paused in his actions and squinted his eyes.

After hesitating for a second, he opened up the envelope in his hands. His pupils shrank when he clearly read the contents inside!

Instantly, he grasped the report in his hands tightly!

Nian Xiaomu, Yu Liuliu… Mother and daughter relationship.

Mother and daughter relationship.

“Did you realize that Xiao Liuliu actually resembles me greatly?”

“You really don’t feel that Xiao Liuliu’s character resembles mine? Everyone says that she’s just like a photocopy of me…”

“I am the evidence. I am Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother!”

Her earlier attempts at sounding him out.

The words that she had said to Xiao Wei.

All of these incidents spilled into his mind in an instant.

As Yu Yuehan’s fingers tightened suddenly, bluish veins popped out from the back of his hand as he crushed the DNA report!

In the kitchen.

Nian Xiaomu entered with Xiao Liuliu in her arms. After she placed her on the counter, she washed a tomato clean, then cut it in half and fed it to her first.

Following which, she took out a plate and cut the other half into smaller pieces before plating it properly.

Then, she took two more tomatoes out and cut them up.

“The tomatoes are ready, but we need eggs as well.” As Nian Xiaomu muttered under her breath, she headed to the refrigerator and took out the eggs.

The butler had stayed beside her the whole time and worriedly said, “Miss Nian, you can tell the chef what you want to eat. He can make it for you.”

He had heard of Nian Xiaomu’s cooking skills even if he had not seen it himself.

It was said that she had nearly burned down the entire lounge when she prepared a meal in the Young Master’s lounge for the very first time.

Even though she had such cooking skills, she wasn’t afraid and wanted to cook. However, the butler was already so terrified that he was trembling with fear.

He was the head butler of the entire villa; if the kitchen was burned down, his job might be at stake!

“No need, no need. I might not know how to cook other things, but I still know how to cook some noodles. Butler, you can rest assured!” As Nian Xiaomu said that, she picked up a tiny piece of tomato from the bowl and stuffed it into her mouth.

She imagined the scenario later on when Yu Yuehan saw that she had personally prepared breakfast for him right after he had woken up from his sleep…

She felt a punch of energy the moment she thought of his surprised expression.

Furthermore, she had prepared this bowl of noodles with Xiao Liuliu; he would be feeling extra sweet when he ate it.

It was time for him to take a look at her skills! She would let him know what the exact definition of romantic was…

Nian Xiaomu instructed the butler to get busy with his own work. Along with Xiao Liuliu, she did a little dance and continued to prepare the ingredients while humming a happy tune.