The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 547

Chapter 547 High Energy Ahead He Had Discovered It 5

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When she looked at the clock and realized that it was about time that he woke up, she turned on the stove decisively and started to cook the noodles.

“Pretty Mom, so so hungry…” Xiao Liuliu had finished nibbling on half of a tomato. As she took in a whiff of the fragrance that came from the noodles, she held her stomach and started to cry piteously for food.

“Wait for a while longer—it’ll be ready soon!” Nian Xiaomu had put in all the other ingredients and only added in the noodles last.

She boiled the contents again.

Successfully accomplished!

Even though the freshly cooked noodles were not as exquisite as the creation of a famed chef, it should taste alright.

She turned off the heat.

After Nian Xiaomu brought out two big bowls and one small bowl, she split the noodles and started to scoop them into the bowls.

Since she couldn’t bear to let Xiao Liuliu go hungry, she carried her in her arms first and brought her noodles out.

“Careful, it’s hot. Eat it slowly,” Nian Xiaomu reminded her. She only returned to the kitchen with ease after she saw that Xiao Liuliu had come forward obediently; she was not in a hurry to eat and was blowing on the noodles with her pouty lips.

She scooped out the remaining noodles that were meant for herself and Yu Yuehan.

As she removed the apron, she turned around and asked the butler who was standing by the side, “Where’s Yu Yuehan?”

He should have been up by this time.

Furthermore, he should be searching around the entire villa for her when he realized that she wasn’t around.

Nian Xiaomu was initially worried that he would arrive here before she was done with her cooking.

It did not cross her mind that she would not see him…

“Young Master is in your room,” the butler replied respectfully.

“…” Nian Xiaomu’s natural instincts told her to go and look for him when she heard that he went to her room.

Just when she was about to call out for him, Yu Yuehan’s figure appeared at the entrance of the dining room.

With his strapping figure, he still looked extremely good even though he was merely wearing a sleeping robe.

He stood there, stared at her with a fixated gaze, and continued to stand there without moving even after a long while.

Nian Xiaomu assumed he already knew that she was the one who had prepared the breakfast for today. Straightening her body, she stood there to receive his staring gaze.

She felt even more gleeful when she caught the surprise behind his eyes.

Praise her! Don’t stand on ceremony! Just praise her with all your might!

Yup, she was talented, good-looking, and had all the skills and virtue.

She was a good wife domestically and socially—she could fight the mistress and could also look after children.

Where could he find such a marvelous woman like her nowadays?

He was definitely lucky to have picked her up!

Nian Xiaomu waited for a long while; she was thinking that he should have gotten over the surprise, so why didn’t he come forward and give her a hug?

Even if he did not want to give her a morning kiss, he should at least take into account that she had woken up early in the morning to cook noodles for him and praise her verbally.

He was standing still over there. What did he mean by that?

Was he too shocked by her actions or was he just overly delighted?

He didn’t even react when Xiao Liuliu shouted for him.

He must be so overjoyed that he had zoned out!

“Ahem!” Nian Xiaomu cleared her throat. As she raised her eyebrows, she said, “Umm, you don’t need to be too touched over this. I didn’t cook it just for you—Xiao Liuliu wanted to eat it, so I made another bowl while I was at it. It was done without extra effort…”

“Shouldn’t you explain this DNA report to me first?” Yu Yuehan opened his lips coldly and interrupted her.

As he met her startled gaze, he gradually raised up the maternity test report that was on the verge of destruction.

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

The atmosphere in the dining room turned heavy instantly.

It seemed like the eve of a heavy storm as the pressure dropped to its lowest, bit by bit.

Nian Xiaomu didn’t know how the report that she had placed in her diary had ended up in his hands.

After she stood in a daze for a few seconds, she lifted her head up suddenly and said, “You peeked at my diary! Yu Yuehan, that’s private!”

“You had covertly given birth to my daughter. Is this considered part of your privacy as well?”