The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Why does it feel chilly all of a sudden?

He knitted his eyebrows and subconsciously walked in the direction of the kitchen.

He had only taken a few steps when he saw Nian Xiaomu strut out of the kitchen in her pajamas, humming a song.

She was holding a bowl in her hand and sat right down at the dining table without turning on the lights in the dining room.

Yu Yuehan stood at the entrance of the dining room. He could not see the contents of her bowl because of the dim lighting and only managed to sniff out the faint aroma of noodles...


Before he managed to give it a guess, he heard the slurping of noodles.

The slurping sounds of the steaming hot noodles seemed to be particularly enticing.

She seemed to be extremely hungry. Before the noodles cooled down, she sent them right into her mouth after just a few puffs to make them cooler.

The steam spread out onto her face with a bite of the noodles. The next second, she stuck out her scalded tongue...

Her gorgeous face was even more stunning with that candid look.

Despite the dim lighting, he could actually make out every expression on her face at this point in time, especially the look of content revealed in her pair of playful eyes.

It made him wonderhow tasty exactly was that bowl of noodles?

Yu Yuehan walked to her subconsciously.

When he was near, he realized that apart from the bowl of noodles, there was also a cup of yogurt in front of her.

She was eating the noodles and yogurt happily, a mouthful of each at a time.

What kind of combination was this?

"Why does it feel chilly all of a sudden?" Nian Xiaomu slurped the strand of noodle dangling from her mouth. She held the bowl of noodles and glanced at the eerie scene behind her.

When she saw the figure that stood behind her, her eyes widened in an instant.

She jumped out of the chair immediately and screamed, "Ghost!"

She carried the noodles and climbed up on the table with no fear of death. The next second, the lights in the dining room were switched on.

The brightly shining lights shone past every corner of the dining room, including the "ghost" Nian Xiaomu saw.

"Young Master, why are you the one..." Still in a state of panic, Nian Xiaomu hugged her bowl of noodles. She sat on the dining table blankly and stared in astonishment at the man in front of her, whose expression was at its maximum state of gloominess.

Yu Yuehan did not answer her and glanced over at his own body.

Nian Xiaomu only now realized that she had unknowingly trampled the yogurt on the floor. Unfortunately, it had splashed all over him.

With the alternating of black and white, the black suit dotted with white yogurt made him look like a dairy cow...

As this thought flashed past her mind, Nian Xiaomu suddenly realized that a pair of bloodthirsty eyes were staring coldly at her!

She quivered all over.

She hurriedly came down from the table, took a piece of napkin, and rushed to him.

"I will wipe you clean now!"

It was as if a motor engine was installed in her slender arms; she began to sort out her desperate situation by cleaning him up from top to bottom at lightning speed.

The next second, she suddenly stopped.

Looking at an area where a huge part of his pants were stained with yogurt, her hand stopped a meter away from him. As if electrocuted, she retracted her hands in an instant.

Her tiny face turned bright red immediately. She stuffed the napkin into his hands.

"That part, you have to wipe that part yourself..." Nian Xiaomu was so shy that her entire face was red, so shy that she nearly severed her own tongue after she finally finished that sentence.

Why did she happen to touch that part? It was too awkward.


Yu Yuehan lowered his gaze and stared at the napkin that appeared in his hands all of a sudden. Then, he raised his eyebrows and glanced at the woman who was so embarrassed that she wished she could bury herself in a hole.

For some reason, his body stiffened.

Before she could realize that something was abnormal, he turned his back callously and walked away.