The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 558

Chapter 558 The Truth That Is Revealed 6

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They were a pair of heels that had been custom-made overseas and were a unique set! This was the only pair in the entire world!

They didn’t look any different from a usual pair of heels when seen in the box. However, one could immediately feel the distinctive difference when wearing them.

Made with top quality materials, they were very comfortable.

With a unique design, they would set one off and make that person look especially elegant and classy when this seemingly ordinary pair of heels was put on.

The lining on the surface would display different colors based on the brightness and dimness of the light.

One could enjoy a couple of different looks and effects with just one pair of heels!

This kind of high heel was absolutely every woman’s dream.

The salesperson had initially asked Nian Xiaomu to pick her own heels because she wanted to embarrass her; however, it had never crossed her mind that Nian Xiaomu would select the treasure of the store with her first pick.

The expression on the salesperson’s face changed immediately.

The salesperson gritted her teeth at the thought of allowing a nurse to put on such a great pair of heels.

“This pair of high heels is not for sale! Pick another one!”

Nian Xiaomu threw a glance at her. Lifting her gaze up, she said with a pause after every word, “Weren’t you the one who allowed me to pick it? I want that pair.”

I would not bully others if they had not done so to me.

However, Nian Xiaomu would not tolerate it if someone was out to get her on purpose!

These high heels had to be for sale since they were already on display.

She could definitely see that the salesperson had said that intentionally because she did not want to sell it to her.

The more unwilling the salesperson was to give them to her, the more Nian Xiaomu wanted to purchase them!

Not only did she want to purchase that pair of heels with Yu Yuehan’s money, she wanted to wear it in front of them as well!

To piss all of them off!

“You… I had spoken incorrectly just now. You can pick any of the others, just not this pair!” The salesperson positioned herself in front of Nian Xiaomu, blocked her, and went all out to stop her from touching that pair of heels.

However, Nian Xiaomu bypassed her directly and walked over to the display rack. Reaching out, she took the pair of heels out from the glass box.

She placed the heels on the floor and wore them right away.

Stepping into this pair of high heels, she strutted to the salesperson step by step and, just like a queen, shot a glance at her.

Nian Xiaomu bypassed her directly and walked out.

Yu Yuehan was sitting on the guest sofa with a finance magazine in hand. After flipping through a few pages of it, he tossed it to the side.

With one hand supporting his head, he leaned against the sofa and waited for Nian Xiaomu to change into her gown.

When he heard the sound of the door to the changing room open, he lifted his head up immediately and looked in her direction.

The white gown that came into view was simple and classy.

The hollowed design of the mass of flowers added a tinge of a pretty and girlish look to the glamor of the gown as well.

The butterfly knot at her waist emphasized her thin and slender abdomen.

With those outstanding features of hers, she did not need heavy makeup. Just her tiny face with minimal makeup was already so captivating that one could not take their eyes off of her.

On top of that, the pair of high heels on her feet added a hint of elegance and nobility to her beautiful and captivating look.

Yu Yuehan’s eyes narrowed instantly.

An unconcealable look of deep love appeared behind his eyes.

Indeed, his lady looked good in everything.

She looked even more dainty and bewitching in the gown that had been custom-made especially for their engagement party!

She was so beautiful that he could not bear to show her to others; he only wanted to keep her hidden in a place where nobody else could see her.

When Nian Xiaomu saw that he had been staring at her without saying anything, she tugged on her gown and asked nervously, “Does it look good?”

“Don’t move!” Yu Yuehan suddenly exclaimed.

As he stood up slowly from the sofa, he strolled toward her. Lowering his head, he planted a kiss on her lips.

He whispered sexily, “I am already so entranced just by looking at you, so what do you think?”