The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 56

Chapter 56: He did it intentionally!

When he reached the door, the image of her holding onto her bowl and eating her noodles with satisfaction flashed through his mind. He stopped in his tracks.

He turned toward the dazed person behind him and parted his lips to speak.

"Prepare a bowl of noodles now and send it to my room."

When he was done speaking, his tall figure briskly disappeared through the door.

A zoned-out Nian Xiaomu was left behind.

She was a nurse, not a chef or a nanny. Why did she have to cook noodles for him?

Furthermore, it was already the middle of the night. She had already clocked out!

Nian Xiaomu cursed under her breath at the injustice she was facing, but when she recalled how she had splashed the yogurt onto him, she hung her head low and dragged her feet into the kitchen to make the noodles.

When she arrived upstairs with the bowl of noodles, the room door was not shut.

Just as she was about to enter the room, she bumped into Yu Yuehan, who had just come out out of the bathroom after taking a shower.

He had already taken off the suit that he was wearing.

He had draped a dark gray bathrobe over himself. The belt at the waist was loosely tied, and it exposed his muscular chest.

Beads of water were still dripping from his wet hair.

He nonchalantly threw his head back and created a mist in the air.

His perfect face was translucent and fair, and his beauty was tainted with a tinge of demonic charm.

In the dark of the night, he manifested a kind of mysterious, yet thrilling, charisma.

Nian Xiaomu took in the whole picture and became transfixed by what she saw.

She was just holding the bowl and staring blankly, unable to continue with what she should do next.

It wasn't until Yu Yuehan's gaze turned toward her that she caught herself and quickly walked forward.

"Young Master, your noodles." She set the bowl of noodles on the table in front of the sofa and waited for Yu Yuehan to give her permission to leave.

After waiting for a moment, however, she only saw him toss the hair towel away and sit down on the sofa.

His slender fingers picked up the chopsticks, and he started to eat his noodles...


Yu Yuehan had only picked up a mouthful of noodles and had not even put them into his mouth when he heard a strange noise.

He tilted his head to the side.

Nian Xiaomu was standing at attention, her head held high as she pretended that the stomach growling sound had nothing to do with her.

The corner of Yu Yuehan's lips curled, and he took a mouthful of the noodles.

The fragrant al dente noodles were just the right texture.

He picked up another mouthful of noodles...

"Rumble..." This time, the noise was even louder.

Nian Xiaomu held her stomach and blushed when her eyes met Yu Yuehan's teasing gaze.

She silently cursed him in her heart.

She was so hungry.

She had only eaten two mouthfuls of her noodles.

At first, she thought that she could continue to eat her noodles after she delivered his noodles to him.

Yet, the iceberg did not even open his mouth to ask her to take her leave...

If she waited for him to finish, her noodles would have turned soggy by that time!

"Young Master, if you do not have further instructions..."

"When I eat, I expect silence," Yu Yuehan coldly interrupted her and lowered his head to continue eating.

Nian Xiaomu: "..."

If she were to go, then he could have all the peace he wanted and would not be disturbed!

However, this is the Yu household and his territory.

His words were the sacred decree.

Thus, a famished Nian Xiaomu stood there pitifully as she watched him gracefully taking mouthfuls of noodles until he was done...

She wished her stomach would stop growling. It kept making a symphony of rumbling noises until she lost count of number of the times it growled.

The look in her eyes was filled with a vengeful desire to stab him a few times...

Yu Yuehan finished the last drop of soup in the bowl, nonchalantly put down his chopsticks, and reached for a napkin to wipe his mouth.

From the corner of his eye, he could see that she was flushed with fury. She looked so cute pouting her lips while huffing and puffing in anger.

The fire in him that had just been extinguished by the cold shower seemed to have reignited. His eyes darkened!