The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 561

Chapter 561 The Truth That Is Revealed 9

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“I have a good and highly retentive memory?” When Nian Xiaomu saw that anxious look on Fan Yu’s face, she repeated once more what she had said just now.

When she saw his odd expression, she couldn’t help it and asked, “Fan Yu, are you alright?”


Fan Yu’s hand, which was holding onto her wrist, tightened its grip silently.

Bit by bit, the person in front of him matched up with the one in his memory.

However, there was only thing that he did not understand. If Nian Xiaomu was indeed his Liuliu, then why did she not remember him?

“Umm, I need to answer the call of nature. Plus, my fiance is still waiting for me. I need to leave first if there’s nothing else…”

Just when Nian Xiaomu was about to leave, Fan Yu pulled her arm and suddenly said, “You haven’t kept your promise yet.”


Nian Xiaomu paused in her steps and looked up at him in surprise.

A vacant look was displayed in her gaze.

She seemed to have forgotten the promise that he was talking about.

Fan Yu’s dark brown eyes flickered slightly, and he said, “You still haven’t answered my question from the other time.”

“I no longer remember.” Startled, Nian Xiaomu replied straightforwardly when she snapped back to her senses.

“What do you mean by not remembering?” Fan Yu frowned.

He assumed that she didn’t want to answer it.

Judging from his expression, he seemed to have misunderstood her.

Nian Xiaomu decided that amnesia wasn’t a very serious matter and chose to clarify her answer when she saw that he seemed to be bothered by her response.

“I got into an accident a few years ago and nearly died. After I woke up, I couldn’t remember a lot of things. For the questions that you asked earlier, I have really forgotten the answers…”

Fan Yu’s expression became astonished even before Nian Xiaomu had finished speaking.

As he grabbed onto her shoulders with both of his hands, he could not restrain his agitated emotions and asked, “Are you saying that you were once injured and even had amnesia?”

She had amnesia.

She actually had amnesia!

He did not understand why Nian Xiaomu would not remember who he was if she was indeed Liuliu.

Liuliu wouldn’t have forgotten about him entirely even if she had blamed him for not staying beside her. She wouldn’t erase those memories.

A sudden realization came over him only after he heard the things that she had said just now.

Perhaps he was the one who was in the wrong right from the start.

Liuliu did not refuse to acknowledge him. Instead, it was because his Liuliu had met with an accident and had unexpectedly forgotten about him!

The moment he thought of this possibility, Fan Yu could not keep his emotions calm.

He grabbed ahold of Nian Xiaomu’s hand and tightened his grip incessantly.

“Where did your accident happen? Who was the one who saved you? How much do you remember about your past?” Numerous questions popped out of his brain.

He was anxious to know everything about her!

“What happened to you, Fan Yu? Let go of me right now…” As Nian Xiaomu looked at Fan Yu, who seemed to have transformed into an entirely different person, she pushed him away forcefully and retreated two steps back.

She reached out and massaged her scratched arm.

What was happening to him?

He appeared to have won a lottery when he heard that she had amnesia.

Was he taking joy in another person’s suffering?

Even though she didn’t feel that it was very painful to have forgotten things from her past, an unspeakably strange feeling flooded through her heart when she saw that he was so agitated.

From this reaction of his, she would have given him a beating if not for the fact that he had once saved her life!

“I am sorry! I was too surprised just now. Did I scare you?” Fan Yu was aware of his overly agitated reaction; his expression turned gentle as he gazed at her with an apologetic look.

When Nian Xiaomu saw that he had explained himself, she pouted her lips in reply and said, “I don’t remember other things. I only know that Tan Bengbeng found me near the hospital…”

All of a sudden, Nian Xiaomu glanced at Fan Yu with a doubtful look when she was halfway through her sentence.