The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 562

Chapter 562 The Truth That Is Revealed 10

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“Why are you so interested in my past?”

Fan Yu: “…”

Before he could open his mouth and reply to her, his dark brown eyes shrank when he noticed that Yu Yuehan was coming out of the clothing store.

All of a sudden, Nian Xiaomu felt a chill run down her spine when she detected the changes in Fan Yu’s gaze.

She nearly jumped up in shock when she turned around and saw Yu Yuehan, who was standing right behind her.

A green ray of light flickered in his deep and soulful eyes; he seemed like a husband who had caught his wife having an affair and was pondering over how he should deal with her. Would steaming or braising her be a better way to vent his spleen?

“You guys seem happy—what are the both of you chatting about?” As Yu Yuehan strolled over to Nian Xiaomu, he wrapped his arms around her waist and lowered his gaze to look at her.

With a pause after every word, he said, “I was going to the bathroom to look for you just now, but it seems like Young Master Fan arrived a step ahead of me.”

Nian Xiaomu: “…!!”

“No, no no! There’s nothing going on! The two of us just happened to bump into each other, so we said hello. You came over just when I was about to call for you. You can ask Young Master Fan if you don’t believe me.” Nian Xiaomu seemed to have improved her skill in speaking wildly.

She did not even pant after she finished the entire speech in one breath.

Furthermore, she even dragged Fan Yu into the picture and used him as a false witness.

Fan Yu’s eyes flickered when he heard that. Very quickly, he flashed a gentle smile and said, “I will not disturb the both of you since you guys have things going on. I’ll take my leave first.”

Fan Yu nodded his head as a gesture of farewell before he turned around and walked toward the elevator.

He was taking quick steps and seemed to be in a rush to do something.

Nian Xiaomu thought of the questions that he had asked herself previously. Just when she was feeling puzzled about why he had asked her those questions, she heard Yu Yuehan’s chilly voice say, “He’s already so far from view—how much longer do you plan on sending him off with your gaze?”

Nian Xiaomu: “…”

Indeed, jealous men could not be provoked.

On the other side.

Fan Yu made a call to his assistant the very moment he exited the elevator in the mall.

“Help me look into a person: Tan Bengbeng!”

Fan Yu walked to the car park after he hung up the call.

He retrieved his car and left the place at lightning speed. As he drove, he used a bluetooth device to keep in contact with his assistant.

“Have you managed to look into her?”

“Young Master Fan, I have investigated. Tan Bengbeng is a doctor from a hospital and was previously in the department of psychiatry. However, she changed departments recently. Apart from that, she has recently just returned to the country from an academic conference abroad…”

The assistant reported all the information that he had just gathered to Fan Yu.

All of a sudden, the assistant seemed to have gotten his hands on some information, and the pitch of his voice slightly increased.

“The documents show that Tan Bengbeng’s character is a little cold and indifferent, that she doesn’t like to hang out with others, and that her only good friend is Nian Xiaomu!”

“Send me the address of the hospital where Tan Bengbeng works!” Fan Yu’s eyes narrowed as a complex ray of light reflected behind his eyes.

The better the relationship Tan Bengbeng had with Nian Xiaomu, the more details Tan Bengbeng would know.

The more important thing was that Tan Bengbeng was the first person who came into contact with Nian Xiaomu after she had that accident!

Fan Yu drove to the hospital in a hurry.

He pushed open the car door and got out of the car right after he parked it outside the hospital.

It would be a lot easier to find someone after retrieving definite details regarding her identity.

“Doctor Tan is currently in the middle of an operation. You will have to wait if you want to meet her,” the staff member at the reception politely informed Fan Yu. This was after she learned the reason for his visit.

“How much longer will it be until the end of the operation?” Fan Yu seemed to have regained his calm and gentle appearance as he stood before the reception desk.

“It should be very soon. You can take the elevator here to the second floor and turn left. It’s the first operating room…”

Fan Yu followed these directions and headed up to the second floor.

The moment he came out of the elevator, he bumped into Tan Bengbeng, who had just come out of the operating room.

Both of them were rudely shocked as their gazes met each other!