The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 563

Chapter 563 The Place That Young Master Han Held In The Family 1

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The document that the assistant sent to Fan Yu listed down the many awards that Tan Bengbeng had attained in the medical field.

Fan Yu had already subconsciously imagined Tan Bengbeng to be an old-fashioned woman, perhaps someone at an older age. It had never crossed his mind that he would see a female doctor with such a young personality.

He paused abruptly in his steps the moment he got out of the elevator.

As he looked at the person in front of him with a slightly shocked expression, he seemed to be in doubt over whether she was the person that he was looking for.

Right after she came out of the operating room, a colleague had told Tan Bengbeng that she had a visitor.

Furthermore, he was already on his way up to meet her.

She was initially curious about who was in such a hurry to see her; however, she had never thought that she would bump into Fan Yu in the elevator.

Both of them seemed to be subconsciously startled.

They sized each other up for a few seconds.

Fan Yu was the first to regain his composure as he walked forward and asked, “May I ask if you are Doctor Tan? I am Fan Yu, Nian Xiaomu’s friend. Can I take a little bit of your time to ask you some questions?”

As Tan Bengbeng stared at the person in front of her, both of her hands that were tucked in her pockets slightly clenched into tight fists.

A hint of hesitation flashed past her calm looking face when she met his gentle gaze.

She seemed to be apprehensive of something.

However, she had always been a calm person and treated everyone indifferently. As such, it wasn’t strange that she didn’t reply to him right away.

She only turned around and passed instructions to the colleague behind her after staring at Fan Yu silently for a few seconds, “Pay attention to the patient’s condition after the surgery and let me know immediately if there are any problems.”

“Don’t worry about that, Doctor Tan,” the colleague replied swiftly.

When she heard that, she drew in her gaze and looked at Fan Yu, saying, “Let’s talk in my office.”

After she finished her sentence, she took the lead and walked off without taking another look at Fan Yu.

After she entered the elevator, she only pressed the button for the floor where her office was situated after she saw that Fan Yu had followed her in.

There were only the two of them in the elevator.

Fan Yu’s handsome figure was standing near the elevator door in an upright manner. Turning around, he look at Tan Bengbeng, who was standing behind him.

His gentle looking eyes flickered slightly when he saw her calm expression.

“Doctor Tan, you seem to know who I am.”

There was shock in her eyes when she saw him for the very first time.

He had already noticed it then.

Despite this, he had frequently seen that kind of light in the gazes of the opposite sex and hence did not take much notice of it.

However, after standing beside her for merely a few minutes, he felt that Tan Bengbeng seemed to have a sense of alienation on her body; it was as if she could separate herself and others into two different worlds.

A person like her would never become crazy over him.

In this case, the shock revealed from her gaze when she saw him for the very first time seemed peculiar.

Fan Yu had always felt that he was someone with a sharp sense of observation. However, for the very first time, he had a feeling that he couldn’t see through someone as he stood beside Tan Bengbeng.

It was as if they were both situated in two different worlds even though they were standing together.

Tan Bengbeng lifted her head up to look at him when she heard his voice.

With her bare face and a ponytail that was casually tied up, she appeared to have a more laid-back personality at a neutral level.

Just when she wanted to say something, the elevator had reached the designated floor with a ” ding .”

As the doors to the elevator opened, Tan Bengbeng tucked her hands into her pockets; she bypassed Fan Yu and got out of the elevator first.

She took the lead and brought him to her office.

She pushed open the door and entered the room.

The office environment was simple and clean; it wasn’t much different from the other time when Nian Xiaomu visited.

She removed her coat and hung it on the clothing rack. Turning around, she looked at Fan Yu.

“Would you like a drink?”

Fan Yu was a step behind her to enter the room and replied to her politely when he heard her inquiry, “Yes, thank you.”