The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 564

Chapter 564 The Place That Young Master Han Held In The Family 2

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Tan Bengbeng poured him a cup of water and placed it on the table.

She gestured for him to sit down.

Then, she walked to her office desk and sat down in front of it. As she opened her lips gradually, she said, “I have seen you before.”

These five simple words answered Fan Yu’s question from earlier.

Fan Yu was stunned, but soon furrowed his brow.

He seemed to be trying to recall the occasion where they had met each other as well as why he did not remember their encounter.

Tan Bengbeng seemed to see through his doubts and added, “You’re the spokesperson for the ‘Recovery Project’ sponsored by the Fan Corporation.”

The Fan Corporation had just entered City H. Here, it was not as renowned as the Yu Corporation.

However, the Fan Corporation had always been devoting their efforts to charities internationally. Hence, they had a good public reputation.

The “Recovery Project” that Tan Bengbeng had mentioned was a project that was based on a long term sponsorship by the Fan Corporation; it was a charity endeavor that was established to help patients who had just recovered from surgery, particularly for those struggling with family difficulties.

The Tan family was a well-known family in the medical science field.

If what Fan Yu had done was pay financially, then Tan Bengbeng would have contributed by paying with her own effort.

This was considered a harmonious collaboration.

“It looks like we have great affinity with each other.” Fan Yu realized this suddenly and dispelled the doubts in his heart.

When he saw that Tan Bengbeng was frank with her words, he ceased using the probing tactics that he used on other parties in the business sector and spoke in a straightforward manner.

“I know that you are good friends with Nian Xiaomu. I have no evil intentions—it’s just that I heard that she was injured and went into a coma a few years ago and that you were the one who saved her. As such, I am here to ask you if you know what happened back then.”

Fan Yu was a very gentle person.

His every movement and gesture showed that he was well brought up.

When he spoke to someone, he kept his gaze on them politely without looking away.

One would let down their guard unknowingly during their conversation with him.

When Tan Bengbeng heard that he was here to ask about Nian Xiaomu, she knitted her eyebrows, but regained her peaceful look in no time.

“These are all Nian Xiaomu’s private matters. Young Master Fan should ask her if you want to know about them. I’m not in a position to reveal too many things.”

“I know, and I don’t mean to pry into her private information. I just want to know what her condition was when you saved her at that time—did she have anything special with her, such as a ring?”

As Fan Yu said this, he took out his cell phone and tapped open his photo gallery.

A three-dimensional photo of the Queen’s Ring appeared on the screen immediately.

Tan Bengbeng took a look at it and shook her head gently.


“Take a closer look. Did she really not have it?” Fan Yu’s tone turned anxious.

As Tan Bengbeng collected her gaze, she opened her lips with certainty and said, “Nope. This is a very special ring, and I would not have forgotten about it even if I only saw it once. At that time, she didn’t have anything with her when I found her, except for a body full of injuries.”

As Tan Bengbeng continued speaking, she seemed to realize that she had revealed a little too much and stopped talking immediately.

“A body full of injuries?”

Fan Yu was stunned. All of a sudden, his heart seemed to be tightly wrenched by someone, and he asked, “Was she seriously injured back then? What kind of injury did she suffer? Where did you find her?”

A tinge of anxiety seemed to overlap with the gentleness in Fan Yu’s eyes the moment he spoke about the person he was looking for.

He had searched for too long.

It took so long that he thought that he would never find her again.

However, it seemed like that person might be right in front of him now.

How could he be able to remain calm and collected?

Tan Bengbeng was a little stunned by the string of questions that Fan Yu had suddenly bombarded her with.

She merely stared at him and did not speak.

A long while later, she finally opened her mouth and said, “This ring is on Nian Xiaomu’s finger now. You should ask her directly if you want to know about anything.”