The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 565

Chapter 565 The Place That Young Master Han Held In The Family 3

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Tan Bengbeng seemed to be chasing her guest away with this sentence of hers.

From the beginning, she had disliked interacting with others. The exception was her patients.

Tan Bengbeng could be extremely gentle to her patients, but she would appear very insociable when she was dealing with other people.

She had already taken into account all the charitable work that was done by the Fan Corporation, and this was why she was willing to tell Fan Yu so many things.

Otherwise, she would have made Fan Yu leave at the very moment that she learned that his motive for visiting was to ask about Nian Xiaomu.

Fan Yu had wanted to continue asking questions, but all he could do was stand up when he saw that Tan Bengbeng was no longer willing to speak.

“Thank you for your time.”

After casting a deep gaze at Tan Bengbeng, he turned around and left.

The assistant was already waiting outside the hospital.

He headed up to Fan Yu immediately when he saw him walking down.

“Young Master, did you manage to ask anything? I heard that Tan Bengbeng has a weird temper and that nobody is able to ask a single thing out of her if she is unwilling to tell you about it. Yu Yuehan’s men were said to have been refused entrance the other time when he sent them over to dig for information!”

In City H, only a tiny number were unwilling to give face to Yu Yuehan and refused to do him favors.

Tan Bengbeng was merely a doctor, yet she was actually unafraid of the power of the Yu Family.

It was unknown if she was really adhering to her own character or if she had some kind of support behind her.

Fan Yu’s dark brown eyes shrank slightly when he heard this.

The vibe that Tan Bengbeng gave off was indeed different.

For some unknown reason, he felt that the aura on her body was very familiar. He seemed to have seen her before, but unlike what she had claimed, it didn’t feel like he had simply met her at an event.

Technically speaking, he would not feel such a sense of familiarity toward her if they had merely met each other on and off the stage.

However, he was very sure that he hadn’t seen her before.

Where exactly did this familiar feeling come from?

“This Tan Bengbeng is not a simple person, and there’s a high possibility that she might know something. Send someone to keep a watch on her.” Fan Yu’s eyes flickered as he slowly spoke.


Fan Yu thought of another matter and asked, “How’s the investigation on the ring going?”

The Queen’s Ring belonged to Liuliu, so the location where the ring appeared might very well be the place where Liuliu was last seen at.

Fan Yu had rushed to the auction at that time to fight over the ring with Yu Yuehan because he had hoped to find the original owner of the Queen’s Ring through the ring itself.

“I have already asked the organizer of the charity auction and contacted the donor of that ring for their help. However, the donor said that he wasn’t sure where exactly the ring came from either,” the assistant answered with a perplexed look.

“What do you mean?” Fan Yu frowned.

For any of the donated items that were to be auctioned at a charity auction, the information of the donors was kept secret.

The organizer could not divulge it without permission unless the donor was willing to be known.

Fan Yu had sought help from many of his connections before he finally found the donor of the ring in an indirect manner. However, it had never crossed his mind that he would get such a reply.

“Make yourself clear. How did the ring come by if he doesn’t know about it?”

“This…” The look in the assistant’s eyes changed slightly, and he held back the words that were already at his lips.

As he leaned in toward Fan Yu’s ear, he lowered his voice and muttered a sentence.

In the next instant, the look on Fan Yu’s face changed as well.

How did Liuliu’s ring appear in that kind of place?

A streak of dangerous light flashed past his eyes as he opened his thin lips and asked, “Have you determined the address?”

“Young Master, that kind of place has got all the good and bad people mixed up. It’ll be too dangerous for you to head there just like this.” Just when the assistant wanted to say something else, Fan Yu turned around and shot a glare at him.

In the end, the assistant could only tell Fan Yu the address that he had learned about in a perturbed manner.

After Fan Yu heard what he said, he opened his mouth directly and instructed, “Drive the car.”