The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 566

Chapter 566 The Place That Young Master Han Held In The Family 4

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Yu Family villa.

Nian Xiaomu was sitting on the sofa in the living room. With her legs crossed, she was checking on the quantity of items that she had just bought outside.

Other than the necessities for the engagement party, she had purchased other things as well.

The moment a woman starts to shop, she would activate a mode with boundless energy.

This was especially the case when they had just returned home from their shopping trip and simply laid on the sofa to check on their loot—They could totally enter a state of being completely oblivious to their surroundings!

“These are Xiao Liuliu’s clothes.”

“This is Xiao Liuliu’s skirt.”

“These are Xiao Liuliu’s toys.”

“And this, this is Xiao Liuliu’s favorite snack…”

Nian Xiaomu pushed everything on the coffee table away and placed bags upon bags of items on it.

She displayed them in a single row on the table—All of it was for Xiao Liuliu.

Xiao Liuliu tilted her little head as she stood by the side and watched as Nain Xiaomu tidied the items.

When Nian Xiaomu uttered a sentence, she followed suit and muttered the same sentence as well.

Both mother and daughter seemed to be performing a duet.

Nian Xiaomu casually picked up a dress and placed it in front of Xiao Liuliu’s body; after she took a look at the combination, she raised her eyebrows in satisfaction.

“I indeed have good taste. Xiao Liuliu will surely look great in this dress!”


“The weather’s getting cold, so you must pair the dress with tights and boots… Where are the tiny boots that I got for Xiao Liuliu?” Nian Xiaomu turned around and started to search for the boots among the pile of items.

She took great pains before she finally found the tiny boots.

She had Xiao Liuliu try them on. Immediately, she beamed with all smiles and said, “My daughter really resembles me and has a great disposition. We look good in everything!”


Yu Yuehan stood by the side and stared at Nian Xiaomu, who was about to be drowned in the pile of items for kids. The longer he was disregarded, the deeper and darker his gaze became.

In the end, when he saw that none of the items that were fully displayed on the coffee table were for him, the last bit of nerve in him finally snapped!

Walking forward, he pulled her up to face him and asked, “Nian Xiaomu, do you still remember that you have a fiance?”

Nian Xiaomu: “???”

“You did not take a look at me for over an hour!”

As Yu Yuehan pointed to that huge pile of items, he gritted his teeth and said, “Plus, nothing in there is for me!”

The most tragic part was that he was the one who had lugged all the items back!

He was already on the verge of turning into an ex-husband before he had even married her!

What happened to his place in the family?

“Are you alright, Yu Yuehan? You are so petty as to be jealous of your own daughter.” As Nian Xiaomu glanced at him from head to toe, she picked up a pair of Xiao Liuliu’s socks and slammed it in his embrace. “There, this is for you. Don’t be a nuisance.”

Yu Yuehan: “…!!”

Nian Xiaomu took a sideways glance at him. Seeing that he was still pulling a dark face, she reached out and carried Xiao Liuliu up.

Then, she placed her into his arms.

“Xiao Liuliu, your daddy is jealous. Quick, coax him.”

The squishy little figure was stunned for a second. Then, she reached out obediently to hug his neck and cooed, “Daddi, both Xiao Liuliu and Pretty Mommy love you a lot!”

Yu Yuehan: “…!!”

His woman, along with his daughter… Forget it, what else could he do other than love himself?

Yu Yuehan hugged his little princess and sat on the sofa.

As he looked at Nian Xiaomu, who had made herself so busy caring for the father and daughter pair, the expression in his eyes turned gentle.

The rays of light outside the window seeped through the living room.

A halo appeared and surrounded her body as she stood in front of the coffee table in the light.

So peaceful, so aesthetically beautiful.

As Yu Yuehan’s heart flickered, he placed Xiao Liuliu down. Strolling forward, he hugged her from behind and pulled her into his embrace. Then, he opened his mouth suddenly and said, “Nian Xiaomu, forget about the engagement. Let’s get married straight away!”