The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 567

Chapter 567 The Place That Young Master Han Held In The Family 5

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His deep voice was filled with magnetism.

He muttered in a low voice beside her ears—It brought about an irresistible tinge of sexiness.

Nian Xiaomu was frozen in place instantly.

She was still holding on to Xiao Liuliu’s tiny cap; blinking her animated eyes, she lifted her head up and looked at him.

What did he say just now?

Forget about the engagement and get married straight away…

Get married…?

Dream on!

Nian Xiaomu pushed him away and placed the tiny cap on his head. Reaching out, she grabbed onto his face and asked, “Did you think that it was so easy to marry a goddess? I am still so young, so wouldn’t I lose out greatly if I got married to you, just as you wished?”


“Let’s stay engaged for two to three years first. I’ll observe your performance and decide if I want to marry you. If you mistreat me in the future, I will leave home with Liuliu, and the both of us will live our own lives alone!”

As Nian Xiaomu said that, she turned around and instructed the others in the Yu Family villa to shift all the items into Xiao Liuliu’s room.

Walking forward, she picked Xiao Liuliu up and followed behind them.

The only person left in the living room was Yu Yuehan, who was wearing a kid’s hat coupled with a face that looked like the charred base of a pot…

Had she complained about him or had she threatened him?

What happened to being the number one heartthrob?

When did his place in the market drop to such a level?

He still had to wait for another two to three years after the engagement… Yu Yuehan knitted his brows the minute he thought about what she had said just now.

Seeing that the butler was still standing by the side, a ray of light flickered in his eyes as he opened his mouth slowly and asked, “Did the Matriarch come over just now to rush the planning of the engagement?”

“… Nope.” The butler was stunned.

“Eh?” Yu Yuehan raised his eyebrows and took a sideways glance at the butler. “Didn’t you take the initiative to report to her since she didn’t come by to ask about it?”

“…” Again, the butler was startled.

He had worked in the position of butler of the Yu Family villa for a couple of decades.

He had watched Yu Yuehan grow up.

The butler stared blankly before he snapped back to his senses and said, “In that case, if the Matriarch asks when Young Master and Miss Nian would want to get married…”

Yu Yuehan raised the corner of his mouth devilishly. With a pause after every word, he said, “She is the elder, she will make the call, and we will listen to her.”

Butler: “…!!”

Young Master, did you know that you look very cunning with that expression of yours now?

Everyone in the Yu Family villa knew that other than Xiao Liuliu, the person that Matriarch Yu loved the most was Nian Xiaomu.

With every “Xiao Mumu” that Matriarch Yu called out, she couldn’t wait for Nian Xiaomu to marry into the Yu Family.

If Matriarch were to make the call… They might have to prepare for the wedding immediately after the engagement party!

The butler snapped back to his senses as he turned around and walked out in a haste.

In the room.

Nian Xiaomu carefully packed each and every item that she had bought for Xiao Liuliu.

Xiao Liuliu had not had a mother ever since she was born.

The three years that Nian Xiaomu had missed were exactly the times when Xiao Liuliu needed her the most.

Nian Xiaomu couldn’t help it and wanted to treat her a hundred times better the moment she thought of this.

After she was done packing everything, she reached out and carried Xiao Liuliu.

Just when she wanted to accompany her daughter for an afternoon nap, her cell phone rang.

It was a call from Tan Bengbeng.

Startled, she placed Xiao Liuliu on the bed and picked up the call.

“It is so rare that you are taking the initiative to call me. Are you not busy today, Little Miss Busy?” As Nian Xiaomu teased her, she flipped her body toward Xiao Liuliu’s side and drew her into her embrace.

She placed her cell phone over and said, “Xiao Liuliu, she is Mommy’s savior. Call her Auntie Bengbeng.”

On the other end of the phone, Tan Bengbeng was slightly stunned when she heard what Nian Xiaomu had said.

Immediately after, she opened her mouth and asked, “Does Young Master Han already know that you are Xiao Liuliu’s biological mother?”

Nian Xiaomu: “Yup, he knows.”

Tan Bengbeng stayed silent for a few seconds before asking, “What was his reaction like? Did he believe everything that you told him?”