The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 568

Chapter 568 The Place That Young Master Han Held In The Family 6

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“I get so pissed when I talk about this! He didn’t believe me no matter what when I told him about it in the beginning. He assumed I was so helplessly in love with him that I had already started to fantasize that I was the biological mother of his daughter… He was the one who had to personally read the maternity test afterward.”

Nian Xiaomu complained to her bestie with her cell phone in hand.

That’s women for you. Even if they have someone they like, they would still prefer to tell their besties all the tiny little secrets in their hearts.

This was especially the case when they were utterly pissed off at their boyfriends, but were not able to win the fight…

“Ha!” Tan Bengbeng couldn’t help it and laughed out loud when she heard what Nian Xiaomu had said.

People who rarely laughed would really scare the others around them when they actually laughed.

As Nian Xiaomu held the cell phone in her hand, she seemed to have encountered a ghost when she heard the laughter from the other end of the phone.

First of all, she pulled the cell phone away from her and took a look at the caller ID.

She confirmed that she was indeed on a phone call with Tan Bengbeng.

Then, she placed the cell phone back to her ear at lightning speed and asked, “Was it really you, my dear? You actually laughed! Did some witch steal your cell phone and give me a call…?”

Tan Bengbeng: “…”

“I am on leave today and happen to have some free time. Do you want to head out for some shopping and have tea?” Tan Bengbeng suddenly asked.

Nian Xiaomu was usually the one who failed when attempting to ask Tan Bengbeng to hang out.

Since Tan Bengbeng was the one who had taken the initiative to ask her out today, Nian Xiaomu replied without a second thought and said, “Yes, yes, yes! I’ll come look for you after I put Xiao Liuliu to sleep!”

After Nian Xiaomu hung up the call, she placed her cell phone on the bedside table and dove into the blankets.

She soothed her little precious.

Xiao Liuliu was very obedient and did not kick up a fuss when she heard that Nian Xiaomu was heading out.

As she hugged her piggy toy, she laid on her stomach and fell asleep after a brief story telling session.

Nian Xiaomu flipped her tiny body over and laid her down properly before she covered her with the blanket.

As she stood by the bed and stared at the tiny face that looked no different from herself and Yu Yuehan, she couldn’t help it and gave Xiao Liuliu another kiss.

She muttered defiantly, “Your biological mother is very good looking as well, but why do you only resemble your father?”

It was said that daughters resemble their mother and that the resemblance would increase as they grew up.

Yu Yuehan might just be annoyed to death if Xiao Liuliu really resembled her when she grew up.

He wouldn’t even have the capital to be cocky anymore…

Nian Xiaomu laughed out loud gleefully as she thought of this. Turning around, she changed her clothes and headed out with her bag in hand.

She was initially worried that Yu Yuehan would be jealous and refuse to let her head out since she had just come back from shopping.

However, when she stepped foot into the living room, she quickly learned that he had received a call at the last minute and had already headed to the office.

Nian Xiaomu’s mood turned even better when she found out that she could take a little leisure time from the rush of business since he was so busy.

It was better if he was busy!

Better if he was busy!

He wouldn’t have the energy to torment her if he had used up all his energy at work.


Nian Xiaomu departed in no time; she flagged down a cab and headed toward the mall where she was meeting Tan Bengbeng.

From afar, she saw Tan Bengbeng standing at the bus stop of the mall.

Before the two of them said anything, Nian Xiaomu lunged forward and hugged Tan Bengbeng when they met.

“A workaholic like you actually thought of meeting me for a shopping trip. I am seriously so touched that I am about to cry!”

“Don’t make a scene—there are so many people on the streets, and everyone is staring at us.” Tan Bengbeng was stunned by her hug and suddenly spoke.

When Nian Xiaomu heard this, she spaced out for a few seconds before snapping back to her senses.

She realized that Tan Bengbeng had teased her.

“I am someone with a fiance, and he might get jealous that you took advantage of me like this!”

Both of them turned around and headed into the mall as they joked with each other.

Just when they had taken a few steps, Nian Xiaomu could not contain her curiosity and asked, “You are usually so busy that I can’t even catch your shadow, and you would rather stay at home even if you had the time. Why did you have a sudden urge to ask me out today for a shopping trip?”